Random Thoughts: Globe iPhone 3G, Apologies, Thank You’s

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Globe Telecom officially launched Apple's iPhone 3G today. This should be an exciting day for the "upper-class" Filipinos who have waited so long for this phenomenal mobile phone to arrive. Why I specified "upper-class"? -- Because this friggin' cell phone is very expensive for the ordinary Pinoy consumers. The prepaid plan for the 8GB model will cost P37, 599 or around $830 USD; the 16GB model is priced at P43, 799 or about $970 USD. I would rather buy a netbook with those amounts. To those who really like the iPhone 3G but don't have enough money, my advice is to not sell your kidney, but to wait for the prices to drop.

My apologies to those who emailed me and have not received a reply yet. I've been really busy the past two months and have neglected several letters. I will try to read and hopefully reply all of those real soon. I'm so sorry also to those who participated and commented on my older posts here because I was not able to respond to some of them. I’m in real chaos right now, but thank God I’m still alive ;-)

Many thanks to those who nominated me for The Philippine Blog Awards 2008 (Technology Category). I really appreciate it. Anyway, Good luck to all the nominees and Congratulations in advance to whoever will win.

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