Recording IRC Chats in Linux with Irssi

Though I use Pidgin (formerly called Gaim) as my primary Internet Relay Chat client, I also installed Irssi, a text-mode IRC client. Why? --Because I use it to easily record an IRC channel's chat activity. How? --Here's how to do it:

Install Irssi with this command (in Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install irssi

After installation, you can now use Irssi by this command:


Then, you have to create a nickname to use, turn autolog on, connect to an IRC server, and finally, join a channel that you want to record. As an example, we will connect to '' and join 'ubuntu' channel with these commands:

/set nick junauza
/set autolog on
/join #ubuntu

Here's a screenshot of Irssi running:

The recording starts immediately after you have successfully joined a channel. You can quit irssi by /quit command, or by just closing the terminal.

The recorded chats can be found at /home/username/irclogs. Here's a peek at Ubuntu channel chat log:

Recording IRC chats using Irssi don't really require magic tricks because it is a built-in feature of Irssi. I know that other IRC clients are also capable of doing this, but Irssi simply works for me.


  1. "The recorded chats can be found at /home/username/irclogs."

    I've been using irssi for the last two years now. I am certainly no expert at irc, nor am I an expert at using irssi, but it's my irc tool of choice and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the tool.

    That being said, I have never seen any such logging file ever created in ~/irclogs, nor is there even an irclogs file that is created. Just as an experiment, I just created the file ~/irclogs and gave it write permissions; after firing up irssi, no log was written to this file. Am I missing something here? You didn't mention anything about installing a script or plugin that would allow the logging to take place. How are you able to do this?

    Thank you!

  2. Man....

    irclogs is a folder