We Don't Need Another Linux Hater

Posted by jun auza On 8/06/2008
While going over Linux Hater's Blog, I can best describe it as Béranger on anabolic steroids. I'm sorry if I can't find a better description than that, but for clarity sake, I would simply put Linux Hater's blog as a series of rants against Linux as well as other open source software.

Although some of his blog entries are fun to read for some of us who are already at peace with using Linux and who has learned to love and understand Linux and its flaws, it sends a negative message to Linux newbies and to those who are still interested to try Linux out. It simply gives a wrong impression that Linux is too difficult to use, full of defects, and a low-quality operating system.

Contrary to what Jeremy Allison believes in, I don't want to treat Linux hater's blog posts as bug reports. If Linux hater really cares about free and open source software, then it will be much better if he will send his detailed bug reports directly to developers. --Telling the whole world how bad this particularly software will only discourage people from even trying it.

While I admire Linux hater's honesty, I think he's just too narrow-minded. I sometimes hate Linux, and also wish that it should have been this or that, or it should do this or that, but there are things that I can't change in an instant, so I just keep my mouth shut. When you really love something, you will know how and when to forgive if it lets you down.

If Linux hater can't write or say anything good about Linux, then what's the point of him still using Linux? Why dwell on something that you hate so much? He's like, "hey look at me I'm using Linux but it's so crappy because it doesn't support my graphics card and other people's wireless cards. And hey, open source developers are dumb because their projects suck. I'm smarter than most of those retards. I hate Linux to death but I don't know why I'm still using it. Okay, I'll make a blog about this crappy feeling of mine. I'll call it Linux Hater's Blog "

While I admire Linux hater's wit and sense of humor, and his deep knowledge about Linux and other free and open source software, I don't think we need another one like him. At this point in time, Linux need some real lovin’. Peace!

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