We Don't Need Another Linux Hater

While going over Linux Hater's Blog, I can best describe it as Béranger on anabolic steroids. I'm sorry if I can't find a better description than that, but for clarity sake, I would simply put Linux Hater's blog as a series of rants against Linux as well as other open source software.

Although some of his blog entries are fun to read for some of us who are already at peace with using Linux and who has learned to love and understand Linux and its flaws, it sends a negative message to Linux newbies and to those who are still interested to try Linux out. It simply gives a wrong impression that Linux is too difficult to use, full of defects, and a low-quality operating system.

Contrary to what Jeremy Allison believes in, I don't want to treat Linux hater's blog posts as bug reports. If Linux hater really cares about free and open source software, then it will be much better if he will send his detailed bug reports directly to developers. --Telling the whole world how bad this particularly software will only discourage people from even trying it.

While I admire Linux hater's honesty, I think he's just too narrow-minded. I sometimes hate Linux, and also wish that it should have been this or that, or it should do this or that, but there are things that I can't change in an instant, so I just keep my mouth shut. When you really love something, you will know how and when to forgive if it lets you down.

If Linux hater can't write or say anything good about Linux, then what's the point of him still using Linux? Why dwell on something that you hate so much? He's like, "hey look at me I'm using Linux but it's so crappy because it doesn't support my graphics card and other people's wireless cards. And hey, open source developers are dumb because their projects suck. I'm smarter than most of those retards. I hate Linux to death but I don't know why I'm still using it. Okay, I'll make a blog about this crappy feeling of mine. I'll call it Linux Hater's Blog "

While I admire Linux hater's wit and sense of humor, and his deep knowledge about Linux and other free and open source software, I don't think we need another one like him. At this point in time, Linux need some real lovin’. Peace!


  1. Great article. I totally agree with you that Linux really needs some loving right now. Windows still has the dominant market share on the desktop so no matter how we express our hate for Windows, people wouldn't listen.

    Linux is still the underdog, so it deserves some morale booster and not some unfair criticisms from Linux haters.

  2. While I read Linux haters with a neutral mood, I strongly agree when they talk about bug tracking in linux or usability.

    And I still remember when I filed bugs related to ACPI and my now abandoned Toshiba laptop or about widgets.

    Years passed, nothing happened.

    One day the developers hopefully will realize that when you get older you just wanto to turn on the PC and do your stuff instead of looking under the hood every week.

    And yes, I'm writing this from a Windows Machine, I could go in the other room and write something from OSX if this is a problem.


  3. Unconditional love is not that useful in this case. Denying the existing errors can't led to progress.

    This is why I actually like Linux Hater's Blog. I am happy that someone can write that way and that person... is not me... and not reading me! ;-)

  4. nahh.. you just don't get the parody, :D
    if you're into FOSS development then you'll understand.

  5. it's ok to tell something about what you don't like. but totally using your time in searching for things to support your hatred, it's nonsense.

    i don't like windows. but i don't waste my precious time for more things to not like about it.

    the guy must be, i don't know, he must have all the time in the world. =D

    nice post, btw.

  6. Why dwell on something that you hate so much?

    That's a question that you should be asking the "Linux fanbois" that go on and on and on about how awful Windows is. You can easily find them all over Canonical's web forums (and some of them are actual "moderators" there).

    The Linux Hater's blog is right on the money. There are definitely things that need to be improved in Linux, and there is way too much mindset among open source developers of "I've gotten used to doing it this way, so even if it's very, very difficult for you new Linux folks to adapt to this convoluted/archaic way of doing things, I don't care. And anyway, if you don't like it, there's the door...".

    Of course, it's the prerogative of open source developers to stick to the attitude above, just like it's the prerogative of the Linux Hater's blog to really blast that attitude with some well-deserved sarcasm and ridicule. Don't like it? Too bad. Either improve/solve the problems he cites, or suffer criticism... just like Microsoft/Windows gets from you folks who think that Linux deserves to be handled with "kid gloves".

    No, you don't get special treatment. Not now that the Linux Hater's blog is here. Not any more. That's reality.

  7. man, i MUST get that hat :D

  8. I think he should just be ignored. Anyone truly interested in trying Linux will not be deterred by the rants of an obviously mentally ill person. Even discussing his idiocy only makes him feel more important.

  9. I actually think the fact that he (or she?) exists is great news for Linux. The platform is now popular enough to have a professional troll spend all his (or her?) free time attacking it! It took Microsoft many more years to build up such animosity. :)

  10. Well, GNU/Linux is a community effort. It's like bashing someone trying to help you to stand up after a fall.

    Do you think GNU/Linux is a company?
    Do they owe you something?
    Programming is my hobby. Must I help you?
    If you have an issue with my software? Would you pay me to fix it?
    I'm working on Gnome source code 20 hours a week. Would you spend two minute to fill a bug report?
    My own kernel driver works for me but doesn't work for you. Do I got your old hardware? Do your video card or wireless card manufacturer want to help us with hardware specification or even better, a working Linux driver? Is is our fault if they don't? We must buy your hardware too because we know it doesn't support Linux? We should be punish for no having a solution for those hardware even with this kind of email:

    Well, "somebody" should help and send himself a bug report, give us one of your closed hardware and also hack the specification and send all to us as a Christmas gift (will be signed Christmas Dady ;)?

    Well, most of Linux haters miss the point. FOSS is not a company product. It's mine, it's yours, it's their free efforts. Don't think that we are a company. There are just a few companies around trying to take advantage of this community effort. That doesn't matter for us because working time has a price. Most of them take part in the community with a few bug fix and reports and we welcome their participation and sometimes money (as an hobbyist, I just like to "play" with my computer, my tools and my brain, like a chess master or a soccer player).

    And you, what has you do during all those 24 years? Have you tried to understand why nobody has already correct your issue? You should. It's better for your understanding. We release source code because we like people who want to understand what's going on and perhaps help. And they can also give the same material to receive their children, neighbourhood, friend,... with or without their own improvement. They are free.

    (Are you still a slave Neo?)

  11. High school plays don't get bad reviews. Fast food restaurants don't appear in the Dining section of your local paper.

    The burden of being perceived as having potential is the burden of living up to that potential--and suffering criticism for not doing so.

    There are some reviewers who never seem to like anything. If you ask them why (perhaps wondering aloud at their choice of profession), they will answer that they do it to provide a sense of perspective where they believe none exists.

    I seem never to read anything but glowing reviews about any open source project. From a certain point of view, this is very much like getting no information at all.

  12. Maybe the guy just needs a good enema.

    That said, Linux can aggravate me at times as well. But then something comes up and I have to get on a users Windows machine and try to work out a problem. Usually, roughly about 30 minutes after starting to grit my teeth, and knowing how to fix it on Linux and wishing Windows had such and such utility so that I could get it fixed quickly, I get the problem resoloved.

    Even when using a Windows machine for general use, I find that the machine just does not work the way that I want it to.

    Just my .02

  13. @just my 2 cents, just what problem exactly CAN"T you fix on windows exactly? It's not like windows is a platform taht moves goal posts and changes ABI every 6months.

    maybe this is a case of ShiftTheBlame(TM) game again?

    "I find windows does not work they way I want it to"

    And that is WHAT axactly?

  14. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011


    How can you keep you eyes CLOSED ??

    "Linux is too difficult to use, full of defects, and a low-quality operating system."


    No matter what you say, but this is reality ! OMG !