100+ Beautiful Free Fonts for Ubuntu

If you are a graphic and web designer, the default fonts that came with Ubuntu will surely be not enough for your needs. However, if you know where to look, you can find plenty of additional fonts that can help get the job done. If you don’t believe me, let me share to you a hundred or so good-looking free fonts, and then I'll show you how to easily install them on Ubuntu:

* Dustismo Fonts
This is my favorite. Why? Just see the screenshots below (Click on image to view full size):

Penguin Attack
Domestic Manners
El Abogado Loco
Marked Fool
Sybil Green
Switching and Effects
It wasn't me
These are just a few of the many Dustimo Fonts. You can install those you saw above and plenty more with:
$sudo apt-get install ttf-dustin

* George Williams Fonts
George William Fonts are also excellent looking:

CupolaUnicode Bold
Get all George Williams Fonts with:
$sudo apt-get install ttf-georgewilliams

* Larabie Fonts
Larabie is loaded with stylish fonts. Here are a few of them:

Install Larabie Fonts with:
$sudo apt-get install ttf-larabie-deco ttf-larabie-straight ttf-larabie-uncommon

*Gentium Fonts

Gentium Fonts are visually attractive and readable. Here's an example:

Get Gentium Fonts with:
$sudo apt-get install ttf-gentium

* Some Juicy Fonts
The name says it all:

Steve Hand
Install Some Juicy Fonts with:
$sudo apt-get install ttf-sjfonts

If you know other beautiful free fonts, don't hesitate to share it with us:


  1. My favorite is MGOpen MoData from the ttf-mgopen package,

  2. Only for Ubuntu? Wow, I thought fonts were installable on all systems...guess that this article proves that wrong eh?

    Nice drop of the "Ubuntu" keyword to generate clicks.

  3. @Linuxjedi: Thanks a lot for sharing.

    @Devnet: I'm just showing new-to-Linux users (who mostly prefer Ubuntu) how to easily get and install more fonts. I don't care if this will generate clicks or not.

  4. Please use apt: links then, because those are way more friendly to users than terminal commands ;)

    @devnet: panties in a bunch much? If you know it's available for all systems, then great.

  5. @Vadim: Thanks for dropping by and for the suggestion. I'll try to use apt-url links next time.


  6. @Vadim Peretokin I don't wear panties thank you much :) The article, in my opinion, makes it look to a new user like these fonts cannot be installed in any other distribution. THAT to me is exclusionary, which goes against the openeness of open source :) Whenever I write an article about stuff like this, I use a generic title and let the reader know that I'll be doing this for distro-x (whatever I might be running at the time) and that it will vary on their systems.

    To me, this is the professional way of doing things. Ohters, I guess not. Then again, I'm not all about the traffic...I've just been blogging for a long time and enjoy helping people out.

  7. is a large collection, searchable by theme, author, etc.

    download (usually a zip file) unzip into your /home/user/.fonts file and enjoy.

  8. Check more free fonts at Free Fonts Collection

  9. You could even make it easier by providing apt:packagename links. Clicking these will just install the font without having to go to the commandline or synaptic.

  10. Liberation Sans is the best for the system font

  11. I'm fairly new to Ubuntu (and Linux in general), but I don't find straightforward copy/pasteable commands too difficult as a newbie. In fact, they're very helpful--how else is a new user (like myself) supposed to learn not to fear the command line?

    Of course, I know there are some folks out there who would prefer non-technical newbies like me to stay out of their Linux club, but... isn't that kind of against the openness of open source? :)

  12. @koikuri: if you're comfortable with the terminal, then that's great. But most people aren't.

  13. Just wanted to say thanks for having a VERY useful page!

    I went to my future father-in-law's house to print my wedding invitations, only to find I used a font he didn't have.

    You saved my day!

    Callan from Australia

  14. For the incurably lazy amongst us (of any distro), it would be great to have all these in one command such as:
    sudo apt-get install ttf-dustin ttf-georgewilliams ttf-larabie-deco ttf-larabie-straight ttf-larabie-uncommon ttf-gentium ttf-sjfonts

    For those of us who *are* on Ubuntu (or another apt based system), though, apt url's would be the ultimate in coolness!

    Thanks for compiling this list, and don't let the panty-twisters get you down. ;)

  15. Very, very nice fonts. Thanks for sharing.

  16. AnonymousJune 11, 2011

    You write an article and people want to blast you for it because of your wording. This was a great article that helped me a lot, keep up the good work and don't let those "holier than thou's" keep you from continuing!