8 Killer Apps for Android

G1, the Linux-based Android phone, is now probably the smartest smartphone around. With its open-source operating system, it has plenty of room for improvement. Like Linux, Android is a strong platform on which to build.

To those who are planning to get the first Android-powered phone, let me give you a preview of some of the most exciting applications that you will be getting with your Googlephone.

Here are a few killer apps that are specifically made for Android:

cab4me enables you to easily call a cab to any location worldwide. You do not need to know the number of the local cab company. You do not need to enter or even know the address you want to be picked up at. You do not need to place a call. With cab4me you can order a cab to your current location with a single click.

Killer features:

* Google Maps integration

* Uses the location awareness of Android (GPS and cell-based)

* Phone’s contact list integration to select pickup locations

Shop smarter using your phone. Compare prices, read reviews, and connect with local stores with CompareEverywhere.

Killer features:

* Barcode scanner using the built-in camera

* Ability to connect across dozens of stores to compare prices

* Can use GPS to find nearby stores, and then call them directly, or find driving directions using Google Maps

Ecorio automatically tracks your mobile carbon footprint, suggests transit and carpooling alternatives and lets you stay carbon neutral by offsetting your trips easily.

Killer features:

* Android's background GPS capability allows accurate always-on tracking of the user's travel carbon footprint, and suggests carpool and transit options

* Uses Android's Maps and Locations API to show Location Based tips on how to reduce your carbon impact

* Uses Android's web and secure networking capability to enable purchase of carbon offsets right over the phone

With Softrace, people around the world meet online to compete against each other in different physical activities. Races can take place in real time, just like traditional races. In addition, races may be constructed from already completed races allowing users to select their opponents and race on demand. Location varies, some races run along predefined tracks while others allow you to run anywhere in the world, in any direction. It is like a computer game, except that you are not controlling the player, you are the player.

Killer features:

* Use of Android’s Location AP

* Maps API Integration

* Takes advantage of Android’s SQLite database

Maverick is a multimedia enabled, Google Talk compatible instant messenger and a Google Blogger publishing tool which runs on the Android Platform.

Killer features:

* Empowers users to instantly exchange text, location and multimedia content in the form of audio clips, photos and scribbles (drawings created on the mobile phone) with other Maverick clients and with desktop applications such as Google Talk or iChat

* Employs a one-to-many way of communicating by enabling users to publish multimedia content to Google Blogger blogs

* Enables users to receive notifications when new mail is received in their Gmail account

Cooking Capsules
Cooking Capsules streamlines the process of recipe planning and cooking with the "encapsulation" of a mini cooking show, tools for shopping, and a checklist containing each recipe step. Simply "Watch, Shop, and Make" using your phone as your cooking sidekick. You may also wish to "encapsulate" your own recipes into "Caplets" so you'll never forget that magic ingredient or recipe step again. Share your favorite Cooking Capsules with your friends. Cooking is social- have fun!

Killer features:

* Utilizes Android for streaming and downloading of video content

* Android's Location awareness is used to find your nearest markets and friends

* Alerting Android user of timely Cooking Capsules information using notifications

Wertago is the mobile application nightlifers have been waiting for—a single application that shows you up-to-the-second information about what venues are hot, helps you coordinate plans with all your friends, lets you share content and influence the social scene, and enables you to connect with socialites all across the city. Nightlife will never be the same!

Killer features:

* Leverages Android's powerful APIs to offer users rich content and functionality such as location-based search results

* Uses Maps API to present gorgeous map views

* Uses Android's APIs to present personalized profiles that enable social networking

TuneWiki Social Media Player, is an advanced player, featuring synchronized lyrics for audio or video, translation, music maps and a social network.

Killer features:

* The music and video playback abilities for content found on the phone storage and Android's "Always on” internet connected platform empowered a creation of a virtual library

* GPS powered the localization reporting of music consumption

* OpenSocial allows sharing across multiple social networks


  1. Android's desktop looks Linuxie. I'm really lovin' the apps.

    I hope Android will soon power Nokia phones because Symbian is freakin' slow.

  2. This is what I've been waiting for. The ultimate Linux phone. I'm throwing my iPhone away coz I'm getting bored with it, can't hack it. -Tim

  3. @tim

    Can't hack the iPhone? And you want a "linuxie" phone? LOL

    Seriously, the iPhone is hack all around and the apps are tons better than Android's! I was actually quite hopeful for the Android and got really, really disappointed... The major flaws everyone pointed on the iPhone's hardware/OS are the same here or worst (eg, no MMS, no headphone jack, etc...) and the OS seems waaaaay to "beta" to be a serious competitor to the iPhone!

    I hope Google get their act together and really start hiring some UI designers and get that thing looking "mildly" good..

    No, for real... EMBOSS on those menus??? That's soooo 90s... :| (and I love/use Linux/Gnome/GTK and think it actually looks pretty darn good, so it's not because it's "linuxie"...)

    DISCLAIMER: I do have an iPhone and love it! But that doesn't keep me from having sound judgment or honest evaluations of other products! :)

  4. Android is WAY better than any Crapple product like the Iturd. Apple is as closed and lame as Microsoft's. Google is going to destroy them in these markets and its a good thing... Can't wait for my Android powered phone!

  5. Wow - I didn't know Google had fanboys :P Android really doesn't have anything to do with Linux implicitly. The Dream runs Android atop Linux, but that doesn't mean future phones won't run Android on top of Symbian or WinCE. People seem for forget that the entire Android software stack is written in Java. Java is slow and resource hungry - that's why the Dream has a 500mhz CPU and two 1000mAh batteries. The Dream is pretty short on RAM though - hopefully garbage collection won't be constant and obvious, and battery life isn't horrible.

  6. Amazingly beautiful screenshots of android.

  7. Anon,

    Your wish is granted: IPhone developers are deserting in their droves for Android. LMAO.