15 Weirdest, Coolest, and Funniest Tux Images

Tux, the world famous symbol of Linux, can be seen all throughout the interwebs. Some Linux enthusiasts are just crazy about this cute penguin that they posted images of Tux in all forms and sizes. So, it is only appropriate to give them proper credit by showing some of those images here.

Here's a collection of 15 weirdest, coolest, and funniest images of Tux. Enjoy!

1. Swarovski Crystal Beaded "Tux"

By: iso100

2. Computer case Tux

3. Nice Hair Tux!

4. Tux Origami

By: phauly

5. el penguino moustachio

6. Tux on a plane

7. Fat Chinese Tux

8. Tux Bath Gel

By: Tom

9. Chocolate Tux

10. Tux Graffiti

11. Big Tux with Red Hat

12. Tux likes bunnies!

13. Party Tux

14. Tiny Tux earing

By: Brero

15. Tux Bento

If you know a link or two to other weird, cute, or funny tux images, please do share it with us.


  1. Tux on top of Kilimanjaro (I didn't make it, but my little brother brought my tux to the top!)


  2. oops, forgot the link:

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  4. Nice collection, however no. 11 is not Tux, it is the mascot off a biscuit called a penguin over here in the U.K.
    ... No. 15 is excellent though.

  5. These are all for fun guys, don't take this seriously. To those who are writing some offensive comments, why don't you go outside and get some sunshine. Remember this is my site and I can remove those comments whenever I want to.


  6. Nice collection thanks. You can call it a tux or a penguin it's still the same. Tux the penguin still represents Linux.

  7. It is actually Paper Craft Tux, not Origami Tux. There's actually a big difference.

  8. A-Byte Better Computers

    Logo: Tux taking a bite out of a window

    The site:

    Browse the higher quality logo art:

  9. Hi,

    Nice collection. However, "big fat chinese Tux" isn't Tux, but QQ-girl, from the very popular Chinese instant messaging software Tencent QQ. It has no relation with Tux except being a penguin too. But still, when in China i bought the same big fur toy along with the male version for me and my wife ;)

  10. Penguins!!! <3 I luff the Tux images. The bento was a great idea. I haven't made kyara-ben ever so I envy whoever made that!Thanks for sharing!

  11. And here's an IBM Blue Tux:

  12. Logic Fail: Tux is a Penguin - it does NOT follow that ALL penguins are Tux. Tux is just one penguin, a very special penguin. All the other penguins are special in their own little ways, but they are NOT Tux!

    Okay? Got it?

  13. May I use the Leonardo Tux for my homepage or is there a copyright?

    thanks for answer