Tech Source October 2008 Site Update

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It's been a while since I made a personal note. It's been an extremely busy (offline) month for me, so if you are a regular visitor here you may notice that I'm not posting as often as before. Since October of last year, I consistently posted at least 5 articles per week (not including the "Weekly Ten"), so I guess this will be the first time that I'll break it. It doesn't really bother me, as I don't want to force my self to write and not enjoying it. Hopefully, I'll get the groove back because I have some good stuff planned for next month. Anyway, I've made a to-do list for this site just to let everyone know what I'm up to.


1. Post more distro reviews. -Though not my most-read articles and really time consuming on my part, I love distro-hoping, and enjoyed sharing the experience to everyone.

2. Post more FOSS game reviews. -Lately, I've seen some great open source games, so I hope I could play a few of them, and then write something for you all.

3. Post more Distro War. -Some people love it, some people hate it. Actually I received emails to keep doing it, so hopefully there will be more distro wars to come.

4. Post more how-to's. -I realize that I have not written much how-to's lately, so I'll try to post more for the noobies. This will also allow me to test other FOSS applications that I haven't tried before.

5. Keep on featuring great FOSS related stuff via Lists. -Since these are my most read articles, I will keep doing it and hope that this could bring more people to use FOSS. My inspiration in 'List-writing' by the way is :-)

That's about it. Before I'll go, you may notice my new scary site logo on top. In case you don't read calendars, it's almost Halloween folks so I'm joining the celebration that was started by :-)

That's all for now. Keep on hacking!

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