I received an Email from a Mac user who tried Ubuntu using Parallels Desktop 4.0. He has successfully installed Ubuntu "Intrepid Ibex" as guest OS, but he wanted help in installing the Parallels Tools.

If the Parallels Tools is installed, you can get plenty of add-in features like automatic mouse capture and dynamic screen resolution adjustment, so it can greatly enhance the overall usability and performance of the guest OS.

Since I also have Parallels Desktop 4 on my Mac OS X Leopard, I will be showing you how I easily installed the Parallels Tools when using Ubuntu 8.10 as guest:

Step-1. Start Parallels Desktop for Mac, run Ubuntu and login.

Step-2. Once logged in, go to Parallels Desktop menu then click on Virtual Machine --> Install Parallels Tools.

Step-3. A prompt will appear. Just click "Continue" to mount the CD-ROM drive.

Step-4. Using the terminal in Ubuntu, open the Parallels Tools Installer.
cd /media/cdrom
sudo sh ./install

Step-5. A graphical installer will then appear. Just go on, and if the installation is successful, you will need to reboot...

...And, done!

Currently, there's still no OpenGL graphics acceleration support for Linux in Parallels Desktop 4.0. Anyway, you can still enjoy Ubuntu, and try its unique features and wide selection of great open source software applications.

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