Take this Linux: Windows Boot Sequence Visualized

Posted by jun auza On 11/13/2008
I've seen a cool visualization of the Linux boot sequence today. To those who haven't seen it yet, here's the image:

According to Perry Hung, the creator:

This is a visualization I made for funsies of a linux boot sequence where each function is a node and each edge represents a function call, direct branch, or indirect branch. Nodes are laid out using an unweighted force-directed layout algorithm, where each node is simulated as if it were electrically repulsive and had springs between nodes.

The little "lobe" on the left is made up the interrupt processing routines (irq vectors, irq_svc, etc). The tail at the top is the bootloader. The main thing in the middle is the linux boot sequence.

The entire graph represents a call chain from the bootloader up until it jumps into userspace to a shell prompt...

A while ago, I received an email from someone named Jason. He attached an image file that he described as "a visualization of the Windows boot sequence". So, I thought this might be a direct response to the "Linux boot sequence visualization" from a guy who obviously loves Windows. Until I saw the attachment from his email:

He didn't leave further description so I guess it is up to us to interpret his work of art :-)

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