Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope” Mock-up Designs

The next Ubuntu release codenamed "Jaunty Jackalope" won't arrive until April of next year, but some people are already creating mock-ups of its desktop theme. Though there is no plan of a theme redesign for this next version, I know some of you, especially those who are disappointed with the Intrepid Ibex theme, are still hoping to see a completely refurbished Ubuntu look. So here are a few Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" mock-up designs that are showing up this early:

This one is created by Jose Javier Espinoza:

The following two themes are created by Cheke:

I know that they are not as polished as this famous mock-up of Intrepid Ibex...

...but until Ubuntu can come up with a killer theme, expect to see more user-submitted mock-up designs for your viewing pleasure.


  1. nice but is a new theme gonna actually happen. They were suppose to release a new theme for version 8.10!

    DIDN'T happen!

  2. I love the second blue one.
    Very nice !!

  3. For the love of God, make that famous mock-up of Interpid the default theme for 9.04!! The combination of Brown/Yellow is very comfortable to the eye and cannot be accused by trolls that it is a rip-off from Vista or Mac.
    I use it alreay & find it great, although some apps don't seem to be able to use it (Live usb creator,synaptic for example)

  4. fifth pictures is cool :)
    how to make launcher like that?

  5. why oh why is every mock up I see on the internet black or some hideous color? do people like hurting their eyes? do they enjoy making it hard to see the window controls?

  6. I'm fond of the fourth one (second blue one - geez, you needed numbers or something!) as well.

  7. I cannot understand the continuing fascination with white text on dark backgrounds.

    Please use light backgrounds and high contrast dark text.

    The snowy photo background is better than the drawing of the (presumably) same animal, IMO.

    If the designers just cannot bring themselves to let go of white on dark themes, then please start designing two themes.

    I cannot stress enough that this is a BIG DEAL. It is the first thing a user sees. It affects productivity from the very first moment.

    Another point, the best theme is one that you DO NOT notice. It is in the background and the content of the applications are what stands out. The winning theme is not based on how pretty it is, but rather the one that is the least noticeable. Theme design is not about an art show to demonstrate artistic design skill. It is about usability, first and foremost.

  8. Hi,

    The "Famous mockup" has totally slipped my radar. Could someone please post an URL from where to download the theme? My google-fu can't seem to find it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Martin Bergman

  9. Who cares about the theme. Themes are only useless eye candy that need huge amounts of memory and cpu resouces.

    Keep lean and mean makes an OS fast. Making it look nice creates Windows Vista look a like. And we all do NOT want that!!!

  10. Wow dude I think you hit it righton the head.


  11. Martin, you can find a link to those mockups from this page.

  12. @Martin Bergman
    Go to

  13. Good UI design is about a combination of usability and artistic beauty. You simply have to find a balance.

    Also, don't expect Jaunty to have a pretty theme, if it has one at all. Mainly because most of the Ubuntu developer team have their minds stuck in the 70's, and are color blind. In a way, I'm glad Intrepid's new theme didn't fall through. It was even worse than the old Human.

    Also, that last mock-up for Intrepid (Wall-Lite) will never, ever be implemented, since it "Requires compositing", and according to the ubuntu devs 90% of the world is still on 64K of RAM.

  14. Canonical has hired a new professional paid design team to make artwork for Ubuntu. Mark said their artwork might be ready for 9.04, but will no doubt be complete by 9.10.

    So yay for that I guess

  15. If it looks like the wood theme, I'll BUY it...

  16. You can find everything for the "wooden theme" at this link:
    I use the GTK theme already & it rocks!

  17. Great! I am looking forward for Ubunut 9.04 already.

  18. Mark Shuttleworth has said that the new design team is taking longer than he thought to assemble and probably won't be complete until Feb, so I wouldn't expect too much before 9.10

  19. chemicalscumNovember 13, 2008

    "...but until Ubuntu can come up with a killer theme, expect to see more user-submitted mock-up designs"

    Ubuntu has already come up with a killer theme... It's called "Human"

  20. I like first and last one.

  21. I LOVE the first one. It excellent!

  22. The green one is the only one non-Vista looking. Sorry. Ubuntu needs some serious interface design work. Starting from the installer to the load screen. It's too windows looking. I've been thinking about submittimg design ideas that won't copy other OSes. Including Apple's IBM clones.

  23. The last one looks like the modern theme same as Mac OS X. If Ubuntu 9.04 theme is this, I think it will help Ubuntu to be in the same level with Mac OS X.

  24. All themes except the Intrepid-mock up is HORRIBLE.

    Looks like some flashy counter-strike site made by a 12-year old

  25. AnonymousJune 11, 2009

    None of them were used. Still the butt-ugly brown/orange.

    Lets face reality here. Ubuntu will get a theme revamp when they see the light and get rid of Pulse Audio: Never.

    They've been promising a theme revamp for version after version, starting with 7.10 (I think.) It's 9.04 now. Where the bleeping new theme, Canonical?!