Going Loco Over the Ubuntu Logo

Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most popular Linux distribution at the moment. It has millions of passionate users and tons of dynamic community members that can prove it.

Speaking of passionate users, some people have taken their love for Ubuntu to the extremes. Let the following images that I’m going to show to you illustrate this phenomenon.

Warning to Windows fanboys: The images that you are about to see are incredibly disturbing.

A guy with Ubuntu logo tattoos:

A guy with Ubuntu logo haircut:

Someone just baked an Ubuntu bun:



And cakes:

Someone cooked an Ubuntu soup:

And this one:

Someone is crazy enough to have created an Ubuntu logo from his plastic medicine bottles:

Someone thinks that he has just created an Ubuntu logo with these mangoes:

And because some people loves Ubuntu so much, they took photos of objects that remind them of Ubuntu:

If you have other crazy photos showing the Ubuntu logo, please share it with us via comment.


  1. You miss one

  2. AAAAHHHHHH the Ubuntu Logos are everywhere there is no place to hide from them.

    Kidding aside if people are going to these lengths of showing loyalty and appreciation, then I think that we might have a contender that really can be viewed just as good as Microsoft products or better. The thing I am trying to say is that Microsoft logo loyalists, beware for there are others here in these woods.

  3. Nice, but you obviously missed Denham Coote. However the reason for his tattoo is not Ubuntu, but more what "The ring of friends" represents. Cool guy, the world needs more of these ;-)

  4. Don't forget:
    & of course


  5. "A guy with Ubuntu logo haircut"
    That's not an Ubuntu logo. It's a spoof from ##club-ubuntu on Freenode.

  6. A guy with Ubuntu logo haircut: Bad Photoshop work !