Yes, Linux can run Crysis!

"Will it (Linux) run Crysis?" --I’ve always read comments like this one from sarcastic Windows users in forums and social networking sites hence I became curious what Crysis is.

With a little help from Google, I found out that Crysis is a popular science fiction first-person shooter (FPS) game published by Electronic Arts. It is considered by critics as one of the best PC games of 2007 so forgive me for my ignorance.

Why do Windows fanboys brag about Crysis? --Well, maybe because the game is really good, and it's only available for their platform.

But do they know that it's actually possible to run Crysis on Linux? --Yes, there's a way to install and run the game in Linux, and all you need is Wine. In fact, Crysis has been known to run on some major Linux distributions like Fedora, Gentoo, and Ubuntu with only minor issues. If you don't believe me, you can visit this page HERE for more details and installation instructions. If you are still not convinced, you have to see this:

“Will it run Crysis?” --If someone contemptuously asks you this question when you talk about Linux, just link HERE :-)


  1. We'll I have crysis and I use ubuntu with wine and I even got a free copy of crossover, so im going to test this theory ;)

  2. thanks for such a nice info...

    great work!!!!!

    i need more info about which all popular games can we install on linux

    actually most of my friends r using windows & i am going to trained them to use linux

    as they r more interested in playing game on pc

    so if i get info about the games on linux then my work become more easy

    thanks for info!!

    take care

  3. from the link above :

    "The FPS. I get something like ~1FPS when I run this game perfectly on windows.. "

    Wine is a nice solution, but to run a game made for windows, you will need a lot more horsepower than if you run it natively on microsoft OS.

    So, you're stuck with older games on a highend PC.

  4. It depends on the game. I have also had some Windows games actually run better on Wine. Call of Duty 2 ran much faster, although that could be a video driver/card issue as well.

  5. i 2 grabbed a copy of free crossover.....will try it

  6. @ craig

    wine must be faster than vista!!

  7. Solution:
    I dont want to get specific but it maintains a linux computer.

  8. AnonymousJuly 09, 2009

    What's the point, it runs like junk and its apparent there are numerous graphical anomolies.

    Giant waste of time.

  9. why does people use alternative print catridges on their printers? because of pricing mostly and/or to teach manufacturers that averpricing and monopoly are not good at all.

    So yes it may run with certain graphics and speed issues but it does run and it runs on a plattform that does not got windows monopolic OS, so if you like games but you dont like to being told what you can do or not on YOUR PC (See microsoft DRM and paldin for example) GNU/Linux deribates OS are a good choice, and remember the time gap betwen Windows game software that can be run suscesfully under linux wine are becoming shorter.

    you are free to get chained or free to go fish... your choice.

  10. When you main proof is a youtube video titled "Gaming in Linux: Crysis (got it running kinda this time)", you might be on the losing side of the argument.

  11. can crysis3 run in ubuntu