If you want some high-quality Linux wallpapers for your large monitors, you can visit my collection of “25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers”. However, if you happen to own a netbook, it is best to use medium-sized wallpapers that are optimized for small display. Because of that, I decided to collect and share to you all some really fresh, cool, and cute Linux wallpapers that will surely look good on any netbook monitor. --No more resizing hassles. So without delay, here they are:

1. Bottled Tux's

2. Use the source Dude!

3. Linux Big Smiley

4. Free As In Freedom

5. Get Your Fix

6. Linux Inside

7. Powered by Debian

8. I'm Free!

9. Linux Crystal

10. A New Age

11. Lonely Tux

12. Ubuntu Studio Art

13. Powered by Fedora Linux

14. World Domination

15. Big Tux

16. KDE Box

17. Sleek Ubuntu Studio

18. Got Linux?

19. Tux Art

20. Ubuntu-free

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I also recommend that you read our list of 10 Linux distributions for netbooks.

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