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Posted by jun auza On 1/31/2009
Asians, especially Filipinos, really love to sing. I can easily say this because in our country, it’s normal to see karaoke machines at the malls, restaurants, bus stations, prisons, mental institutions, and even on the streets. Also, a lot of people here have their own karaoke players at home.

I’m not really a hardcore karaoke singer, but before, I have karaoke software installed on my PC just in case I can’t hold my urge to sing.

Lately, I’ve been looking for a karaoke program that I can use on my Linux box. That’s why I bumped into this open source Python-powered karaoke software appropriately called PyKaraoke.

PyKaraoke is written in Python programming language with features such as:

* CDG (MP3+G, OGG+G, WAV+G), MIDI (.MID/.KAR), MPEG playback
* Ability to Queue up songs
* Searchable song database
* Search inside ZIP files - Play MP3+G/MIDI files wrapped in ZIP files
* Mini Frontend - Additional mini-frontend for low-resolution displays and handhelds
* Export to MPEG - Convert CDG and KAR files to MPG files (command line only)

PyKaraoke, originally made for Linux, is also available on other operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X. If you are using Ubuntu, you can install it (minus the hassles) via Synaptic Package Manager.

And so I installed PyKaraoke on Ubuntu and tested playing a CDG file. Here are a few screenshots:

Not really my kind-of-song, but I can sing it if you want me to (hehe).

PyKaraoke still lacks the features particularly when you compare it to great karaoke software like KaraFun. However, it's really easy to use, and I think it’s capable enough to get you singing in no time. All you need is some good selection of karaoke song files, decent desktop speakers, and a microphone.

By the way, if you know of other karaoke software for Linux, please share it with us via comment.

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