15 Cool iPhone-optimized Linux Wallpapers

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I just got back from a mini-vacation, and very recently bought an iPhone 3G. I've been planning to jailbreak the phone but I decided to just wait for the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software update and see how it goes.

Since I'm still too tired to fiddle with this new gadget, and because installing Linux on iPhone is up to this time a very complicated task, I decided to collect several cool iPhone-optimized wallpapers that I can share to all the Linux enthusiasts/iPhone-users out there. So without further delay, here they are:

1. Shiny Tux

2. Red Hot Red Hat

3. Blue GNOME

4. Sleek KDE

5. Sunny GNOME

6. Funky Ubuntu

7. Simply Fedora

8. GNOME Tiles

9. Skeleton Tux

10. Tux Reflection

11. Red Hat (Tiled Background)

12. Green Tux

13. Blue Ubuntu

14. Tux in Black

15. Yet Another Think Linux Wallpaper

If you have other iPhone-optimized Linux wallpapers to share, feel free to give us a link via comment.

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