Easy Way To Save Flash/YouTube Videos on Linux

Posted by jun auza On 3/29/2009
Did you know that you can easily download flash videos like on YouTube without having to install any browser plugin or desktop application? Yes you can, and you will only need your Linux box minus the terminal or some magic commands.

You can download Flash/YouTube Videos on Linux in 3 simple steps:

Step-1. Open your web browser and go to the web page with the video that you would like download. Wait until the video loads completely. --In you YouTube, you will know that it's fully loaded when the lighter red indicator bar (found at the bottom of the video player) reached the right end side.

Step-2. Navigate to /tmp folder, and there you will see the flash video that you have just downloaded. The name of the downloaded video file has the word "Flash" on it.

Step-3. Rename the video file with a .flv extension and save it to wherever you like.

You are done and as simple as that!

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