Twitter: Create and Retrieve Tweets from the Mac OS X Terminal

After showing everyone how to easily use Twitter from the Linux command line, let's head over to the Mac OS X terminal and share to all the Mac users out there a somewhat geeky way on creating and retrieving tweets.

We will be using a Python-based twitter desktop client called Mitter that has both a graphical and console interface. But since we are only Tweeting from the Mac OS X terminal, let me show you how you can easily install/setup Mitter for the console:

1. Mitter is dependent on the following libraries:


Download setup tools directly HERE, and navigate (use 'cd' command) to where you saved it. Then, install it using this command:

sh setuptools-0.6c9-py2.5.egg

Download “simplejson” directly HERE, extract it, and navigate into the extracted folder. Install simplejson with this command:

python install

2. Now it's time to install Mitter. First, you have to download it directly HERE. Then, extract and navigate into the extracted folder. Install “Mitter” using this command:

python install

3. You are done. From the terminal, start Tweeting by typing:


Once logged in, you can retrieve the latest updates/tweets by simply leaving the line empty and pressing "return (enter)", or create/post a tweet by not leaving it blank.

If you have some questions regarding this “how-to”, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment.


  1. hello,

    thanks for such a great post, I want to ask what if I want to retrieve all of the tweets on my account, would that be possible

  2. I am getting this authorization error. This is on Mac OS 10.5.7. I can log in to my account on twitteriffic and on the twitter page.

    INFO:mitterlib.threadhttp.0:Got HTTP Status 401 from
    Request authorization failed. Please, check your details:

    Any ideas?


  3. Twitter, have changed the api, and now this library fails.

    The lib should use xAuth or oAuth instead of basic auth.


    Jesús Olmos