Subic Escapade

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Our two days and one night stay at the beautiful and sunny Subic is over. It was our first time there so naturally we were very excited and had a great time.

Once home to the largest United States naval base in the Pacific, Subic (formally called Subic Bay Freeport Zone) has been transformed into a tax and duty free region. It is now considered as one of the country’s main economic engines with big-time foreign investors coming in. Subic has truly become a self-sufficient tourism, industrial, commercial, and financial area.

Since we were at Subic not to do business but to visit several tourist attractions, let me take you to some of the fun and lovely places that we have been to.

Zoobic Safari
Zoobic Safari offers numerous attractions, and here are some of them:

Just inside the Zoobic Safari (near the entrance), a huge white tiger greeted us.

We are then guided to see different kinds of animals. I’ve seen them all before except for these albino carabaos (buffalos).

The main attraction is the “Tiger Close Encounter”. There you will ride a caged vehicle that goes inside a fenced area where tigers roam freely. It becomes more exhilarating when the tigers are fed.

A tour inside a small museum where one can see well-preserved dead animals and skeletons. The photo above shows a bear who as they say died of a snake bite.

Next up is “Aetas’ Trail”. Indigenous people called aetas treated us with their traditional dance plus a brief tree climbing exhibition.

The last place to visit is Croco Loco. There you can feed the crocodiles (hundreds of them, I guess).

It took us more than two hours to explore the place. This train (sort of) serves as our main way of transportation.

Ocean Adventure
A visit to Ocean Adventure, Southeast Asia's only open-water marine park, was really entertaining. Here’s why:

We have witnessed a pool diving display where professional divers show-off their skills and perform some amazing stunts.

The dolphin show was both enjoyable and educational. We were also given an opportunity to touch and feed the dolphins.

The last show that we’ve seen made everyone appreciate the intelligence and kindness of those funny sea lions.

Ocean Adventure still has a lot to offer, but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time. For more information, visit their website HERE.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from at Subic. For dinner, we went to Seafood By the Bay where the freshest sea foods are served. The following day, we went to a scenic restaurant (I forgot the name) for lunch where anyone can also go fishing.

I should add that Subic Bay is also a great scuba diving destination because scattered beneath its waters are Japanese and US military ship wrecks from the World War II. So for the adventurous out there, go and visit Subic.

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