Make Your Own Cola Using the OpenCola Formula

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If you don't like the taste of Free Beer, then you may try OpenCola, the Free and Open Source cola. This cola is so unique in the sense that the full instructions for making it are completely available and modifiable. So anyone can create the drink and change the recipe as long as it is licensed under GNU GPL.

OpenCola was originally intended as a promotional tool for explaining the free and open source software. However, the drink made its own name after having sold 150, 000 cans.

Although the company behind OpenCola soft drink is long gone, the recipe lives on. To those who are interested or to those who are willing to create their own cola using the OpenCola formula, here are the ingredients:

7X (Top SeekrutTM) flavoring formula:
3.50 ml orange oil
1.00 ml lemon oil
1.00 ml nutmeg oil
1.25 ml cassia oil
0.25 ml coriander oil
0.25 ml neroli oil
2.75 ml lime oil
0.25 ml lavender oil
10.0 g gum arabic
3.00 ml water

OpenCola syrup:
2.00 tsp. 7X formula
3.50 tsp. 75% phosphoric acid or citric acid
2.28 l water
2.36 kg plain granulated white table sugar
0.50 tsp. caffeine (optional)
30.0 ml caramel color

For complete instructions on making the OpenCola and for other details, you may visit their main web site HERE.

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  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    This is the coolest blog I've ever encountered. I don't think 'free beer' would exist but there it is! I wonder how it taste... anyway it's so cool,