You may have read our collection of mythical and humorous facts about Linus Torvalds. This time around, we will give tribute to another living legend by the name of Richard M. Stallman. Since this free software evangelist has tons of loyal fans, it didn't take long for me to gather some of the whimsical facts that are being said about him. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Richard Stallman doesn't use web browsers, he sends a link to a demon that uses wget to fetch the page and sends it back to him.

2. Richard Stallman is the only man alive who can pronounce GNU the way it is meant to be pronounced.

3. Richard Stallman doesn't read web pages. They write to him.

4. Some people check their computers for viruses. Viruses check their computers for Richard Stallman.

5. Richard Stallman's beard is made of parentheses.

6. Richard Stallman's nervous system is completely wireless.

7. Richard Stallman wrote the compiler God used. The Big Bang was the Universe's first segfault.

8. Some people wear Linus Torvalds pyjama's to bed, Linus Torvalds wears RMS pyjama's.

9. RMS once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. He spent the first 45 minutes coding a new Emacs elisp extension.

10. Richard Stallman has no mother, he coded himself.

11. Richard Stallman has created the singularity, but since he usually works without an internet connection it won't be apparent for another two weeks.

12. Richard Stallman doesn't wget, Richard Stallman wdemands!

13. Richard Stallman has no problem using emacs. He wrote it with his 4 hands.

14. Richard Stallman never showers: he runs 'make clean'.

15. Richard Stallman released his own DNA under GNU FDL.

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