Before, we've posted here several cool and funny tux icons and some scary ones too. This time, we will showcase some of the finest tux icons that sports fans/Linux-users may love. So without further delay, in no particular order, here they are:

1. Yankees Tux By pusio

2. Tux Juventus By pit-tux

3. Lakers Tux By piesto

4. Tux martial arts By hardwiigamer

5. Manchester United By mainmukit

6. Ottavima Volley By Solo

7. Boxe Tux By haks00

8. Philly Tux By Xanderrun

9. Big Basket Tux By manuoceane

10. Bettux By joesboxd3b

11. Snow boy v2 By Santang

12. Tux Brazil By pinguinito

13. Buffalo SabreTux By Zsnipe

14. Pescatux By PLR

15. Real Sporting de Gijón By pablooku

16. England rugby By moma3001

17. Tux Barcelona By Dirpok

18. Brice De Nice Tux By Dobaz604

19. Chelsea FC By Brunocb

20. PunchOuTux By ZeNDaMs

A special thanks to for sharing with us these wonderful tux icons.

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