5 Top of the Line Twitter Desktop Clients for Linux

Posted by jun auza On 7/01/2009
If you've been using Twitter through its website, I recommend that you use a desktop client instead to further enhance your tweeting experience. Since Twitter has become immensely popular, there are tons and tons of available desktop applications that support this great micro-blogging service. So I'm here to assist you on narrowing down the choices, and hope to somehow give you an idea on picking the one that suits you best.

For Linux users, here's my list of top of the line Twitter desktop clients that can surely help you better organize your friends, followers, and tweets, and overall make tweeting a lot more fun:

TweetDeck is my preferred Twitter desktop client right now because of its rich features and well thought out interface. It is ideal for those who have lots of friends and followers (I don't have much so follow me HERE :-) since you can split the application into columns making it possible for you to group things up. TweetDeck can be easily installed using Adobe Air.

I used twirl for quite some time before, and until now I can still say that it's one of the best Twitter clients out there. It has a great number of features like image posting, tweet search, changeable theme, spell-checker, ability to record videos on Seesmic, and plenty more. Like TweetDeck, twirl also runs on Adobe Air.

Gwibber is an open source Twitter client for GNOME desktop environment. It is developed with Python and GTK and supports other social networking services like Jaiku, Identi.ca, Facebook, Flickr, and Digg. To Ubuntu or other GNOME-based distro user who wants a lightweight Twitter client with basic functionality, then Gwibber is for you.

For KDE users, Choqok is the one Twitter client I can highly recommend. I know the name is hard to pronounce, but don't get discouraged as it has good amount of features like Twitpic.com integration, ability to notify user about new statuses via KNotification or Libnotify, KWallet integration, and more.

Spaz is an open source Twitter client with cool looks and features. What I like most about Spaz is its support for user-created themes and it's built-in global search function. Spaz is also dependent on Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

I hope you have made your choice already. If you have time for a little adventure, why not also try tweeting via the Linux command line (terminal).

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you can also use Twitter via Pidgin.

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