Android-powered Dell Mini 3i Smartphone Unleashed?

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According to several reliable sources, Dell's very first smartphone dubbed as Mini 3i has arrived. It runs on Android-based operating system but has fairly limited amount of features.

This sleek-looking phone is said to have a 3.5-inch 360x640 touch-screen, a microSD slot, a 3 megapixel camera, a miniUSB port, Bluetooth, and a 950mAh battery. The biggest downside is its lack of 3G and Wi-Fi support.

A tech site named "Cloned In China" has photos of Dell Mini 3i taken during the China Mobile Market event:

Earlier this year, CEO Michael Dell said during the Computerworld event held in Tokyo that Dell is exploring smaller-screen devices. However, as of today, Dell has not made a comment regarding the Dell Mini 3i.

Why China?

According to a report from eWEEK:

Analyst Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies, says Dell’s decision to launch its first smartphone in China can have particular benefits.

“I think it’s good to do a geographically isolated launch, so you can see if you’ve got it right enough before you consider a launch in the United States,” Kay told eWEEK. It gives Dell the chance to “make any potentially embarrassing mistakes out of view” of other markets.


Dell spokesman Matt Parretta had something to say about the rumored Dell Mini 3i:

"The only thing that we're confirming is that we're in product development with China Mobile," he said, "We were there as a development partner for the [Google Android-based] oPhone platform."

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