Nokia N900 Uses Linux-based Operating System to Beat the iPhone

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer has promised to produce smartphones that will successfully rival the iPhone. This week, it is expected to release a device with Linux operating system inside in favor of its very own Symbian OS.

Following criticism that it had failed to come up with a handset to match the iPhone, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President & CEO of Nokia, said that it was aiming to be "even more competitive".

"We are competitive in the marketplace right now as we speak, and we will make efforts to be even more competitive going forward."

Apple secured the second largest share of the industry's profits in the second quarter, which goes to show that it has become a force to be reckoned with as a mobile phone maker.

Mr. Kallasvuo was interviewed by Financial Times and based on his statement, I noticed that Nokia will fight back and will even try to invade Apple’s turf by transforming itself from a mobile phone maker into a supplier of handset services, like maps and (you guessed it) music.

I think Nokia's move to a Linux-based OS for its smartphone line is a good one since its Symbian operating system has failed to impress new consumers. Symbian is just mediocre compared to webOS on Palm Pre or Android on HTC Dream.

Will Nokia utilize Android just like the so-called Dell Mini 3i, or is it developing its own Linux-based software? For now, we'll wait and see.


Thanks to bigbrovar for the info. Although it has not been officially released, it's becoming clearer and clearer that the new Linux-powered device that Nokia will be unveiling this week is the N900. This is based on several press photos that have leaked out. has an in-depth look at N900 and highlighted that it will be using Debian-based Maemo for its operating system.


  1. So, it's going to use the Linux kernel. I wonder what the mobile desktop environment will look like. Derived from something else or Nokia's onw in-house brew?

  2. it's called maemo.

  3. Yup it will probably be Maemo, which is already running on their N810 internet tablets. And I must say that so far Maemo is one of my favourite mobile platforms. Based on Debain and close to what you have on desktop. So it is nice to programm for. In the next-next version (Maemo 6 - Harmattan) it will even use the very nice Qt framework for user interface. If Nokia continues this way this will really be a killer mobile platform to programm for.

  4. Nokia as maemo a port of Debian for mobile devices which uses the hiddon interface ( hiddon is a port of gnome optimized for small screen) which it currently uses in its Internet Tablet line of phones. Already N900 is about to be released with is based on Maemo 5 here is an official pics of N900 running maemo