Linux Got Game: Blob Wars ( Blob And Conquer)

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I really love playing arcade games from time to time so while looking for other interesting and entertaining games, I bumped into Blob Wars and never hesitated to check it out.

Blob And Conquer is the latest version of Blob Wars and is a sequel to Metal Blob Solid. It is interesting to note that the new version is a 3D action adventure game while the old one is a 2D platform game.

Blob And Conquer starts off with a scary warning: This game contains scenes of blood and violence. But, you can take it as a joke as there's nothing violent about round blobs shooting each other and then exploding in a shower of redness like a squashed tomato. If you don't like seeing the "red effect", you can turn it off anytime at the game options.

You will play the game as Bob and you are of course a blob that has a huge responsibility of saving your world from evil alien invaders.

With a third-person camera view, moving the mouse will rotate the camera around Bob, and Bob himself is moved using the arrow keys. The two most important actions in the game are easily controlled via the two mouse buttons: Left-click to shoot and right-click to jump. Gameplay is based on objectives that usually involve unlocking doors, collecting items, jumping over lava, and doing a lot of shooting. They must be completed before you can exit the level.

Bob has several weapons to choose from. There's the unlimited-ammo pistol, an Uzi, a shotgun, and grenades. Weapons can be switched between by rolling the middle mouse wheel.

Fights are usually short and swift, and it’s normal to be entirely surrounded by enemies. Aiming Bob's gun can be quite difficult at times but there's an auto-aiming feature that makes the job easier. When Bob nears an enemy, the aiming system picks it as his target, and all succeeding shots will automatically be fired in its direction until the enemy is dead. In addition, if there are numerous enemies around, a new target will be selected.

Nearly all of the interactive things you’ll encounter on Blob And Conquer, whether they be Information Points, switches, or lifts, are used by pressing the Action button (Enter key). The game can only be saved at a Save Point, which are found in various places in a level, and are also activated by use of the Action button. And then there are also walls to be blown away, tele-porters, and energy barriers to keep things lively.

Sounds and Graphics:
Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer has average graphics and the game environments and characters need to be polished. However, the sound effects and music tracks are rather good and really add some flavor to the game.

Overall, Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer has a highly entertaining gameplay that I'm keeping it for good. I recommend it to all the casual and even hardcore gamers out there who are using Linux. I'm definitely looking forward to its future (hopefully much-improved) version.

Here's my score for Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer:

Sounds and Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Total: 7/

By the way, you can download the game from HERE.

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  1. I'm not sure what you have been smoking but to suggest that the graphics are "average Graphics" Average for what? a mobile phone app? these graphics would look lame on a game of 10 years ago. Game play is OK for a casual game but not a hard core gamer as you suggest. I'm not knocking the game but your review. OK I'm knocking the game a bit too.

    Game play 5/10
    Graphics 2/10
    At least there are no artifacts or glitching errors