Awesome Linux T-Shirts and More Available Now at the Linux Store

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Awesome Linux T-Shirts and More Available Now at the Linux Store: Upon visiting the Linux Store at, I was thinking of updating our list of cool and funny Linux t-shirts. That’s because the collection of Linux-inspired shirts that I saw there are way too awesome. But the Linux Store doesn't only sell t-shirts; they also have mugs, hats, stickers, and more.

According to the public announcement made by the Linux Foundation, merchandise available in the store is “designed to reflect the unique and varied culture associated with Linux” and will support the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds. For example, t-shirts contain phrases like “Free The Code,” “FSCK the Establishment,” and “Fork You.” All revenue generated from the store will go directly towards Linux Foundation activities, initiatives and events.

Here is a sample t-shirt that you will find at the Linux Store:

Visit the Linux Store now to purchase some geeky merchandise.

For those of you who are good at graphics design, the Linux Foundation is holding a t-shirt design contest so this is your chance to shine. The top 5 submissions will be selected and community members can cast their votes and comments through to select the one lucky entry. The top designer will win a trip to Boston to attend LinuxCon in August and the winning t-shirt will be displayed for sale at the Linux Store. You can submit your T-shirt design HERE until April 11, 2010.

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