The Slick Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Android Smartphone

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Android Smartphone: Samsung just announced its top-of-the-line Android handset, the Galaxy S i9000. This smartphone features a powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor just like the Google Nexus One and HTC Desire. The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S has a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display (800 x 480 pixels), which they say is brighter and more power efficient than conventional AMOLED displays.

One of the key features of i9000 Galaxy S is its video recording capability. It can record 720p HD video through its 5-megapixel autofocus camera. It also has 2nd front-facing VGA camera for 3G calls.

Though its front design has a little similarity to the iPhone, the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S looks really slim since it’s only about 9.9mm thick. It's also very light weighing just 118g.

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Technical Specifications:

8GB or 16GB internal storage
Up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS w/ A-GPS support
Android OS 2.1
1500mAh Li-Ion battery

The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S will be preloaded with applications such as Swype virtual keyboard, Layar augmented reality browser, advanced LBS (Location Based Services, a DLNA (Digtal Living Network Alliance) streaming app and the ThinkFree Office viewer. has been lucky enough to test the device and captured the experience on video:

The Samsung i9000 Galaxy S will be available to consumers this June or by second quarter of 2010. However, there is no information yet with regards to its price tag.


  1. pretty soon, the android market will dominate the world and will overcome the reign of iphone apps. :D

  2. nice phone, but i prefer windows mobile than android.

  3. Sure, you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S.



    And imagine 6 months after you bought the Galaxy. You’re angry. You been lied to. The promised updates never come. There are real problems just using the phone. Forums like this fill with users like you, angry, dumping the phone, and comparing how little the can get for it on craigslist. $150? If you’re lucky.

    You’ll never buy a Samsung product again. Samsung has hired a PR firm to try to hide the real problems you and thousands of others are having with the phone.

    This is real.

    Do some research on the Samsung Behold II. This is Samsung’s business model.
    1) Shiny new phone with promised updates
    2) Wait… there’s no money in supporting a phone, only in selling new ones.
    3) Refuse promised updates on under plainly false pretenses.
    4) Go to step 1.
    5) Profit.

    Please, do not buy this or any other Samsung phone. HTC and Apple make nice phones that they support. Tell your friends.

    I’m just a regular guy who fell for their lies. Don’t be me, 6 months from now, in a forum, writing this same message.

  4. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    @Will. I bet you really do feel stupid now once Apple released the iPhone with a flawed antenna design, and instead decided to claim all phones suffered that badly (despite the fact that antenna experts said they didn't insulate the antenna properly). Seriously, Apple equipment are toys, because their software and hardware looks great on the outside, but their hardware always has obvious design issues that you don't see on the news (like the aluminium iMac's with no light to tell if it's still on), and whilst some of their software is great, they charge for updated Windows drivers, and their attempts to monopolise the market only makes their software limited. Their photo management software is the only one in the world which seems to store the photos in proprietary libraries, and iTunes (required for iPhones), doesn't support many formats, music stores, or other equipment (no addon interface).

    In HTC's case, they are good, but Samsung is REALLY pushing this phone. I believe they will continue to support it. Even if they don't Android is an open source OS, so the community CAN support it (even if we don't touch Touchwiz), whereas iPhone's will brick every update after rooting/jailbreaking them.

    Also, Froyo images for the Galaxy S have leaked.. So I think it's clear they are supporting us.

  5. make it front facing webcam to keep deaf and hearing people in connection !!!

  6. Just got the phone and it is awesome!
    Get it, you won't be disappointed

  7. Had one for 14 days. Very disappointed. Went from 3gs to this. It lags. The headset sucks. GPS unreliable. Crappy apps etc.

  8. poor battery too

  9. poor battery ...........................

  10. Here is a tutorial on How to update Your SGS to I9000XFJS2 how to unlock it and how to root it

  11. AnonymousJune 11, 2011

    Have had phone for 4 months. Can't hook it up to horrible Kies application (tried on several computers and the application just doesn't work) not to mention there's no Kies for Linux and OSX. GPS doesn't work, so all location based applications suffer and pretty much became useless (as did google maps). Think real careful before buying this or any Samsung product. Do you really want to be hacking your phone with new firmwares and a myriad of clumsy android settings to get some battery life and basic functionality or just want your phone to work as promised out of the box?