Finally, Android Running on the iPhone

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I once thought of someday seeing Android on the iPhone. Today, it has become a reality. Dev-Team member David Wong (aka Planetbeing) has finally ported the Android Operating System on the iPhone 2G.

This important hack made it possible for the iPhone to dual boot Android together with the iPhone OS with the help of OpeniBoot bootloader. Though it is still in the early stages of development and there are plenty of rough edges, Android runs at a decent speed, and according to Planetbeing, "pretty much everything works". It is possible to use Wi-Fi, browse the web, listen to music, and receive SMS and Skype calls on the Android-powered iPhone.

This recent development may not mean much to several iPhone users, but to some of us, this is huge. Android can do things (e.g. Flash support, multitasking, etc.) that iPhone OS can't so this is all good. I'm also a little curious on the battery performance of the iPhone when running Android because if it performs better than the iPhone OS, it could be a big factor in attracting users.

Check out this video of iPhone 2G running Androis OS as demoed by David Wong himself.

booting Android, using Wi-Fi, running a web browser, listening to music, receiving text and calls

If you want to further help the development of Android on the iPhone, you can place your donation HERE.

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  1. Dude,
    Why would you take something beautiful like android and install it on such an agent of evil? Wouldn't surprise me if Apple served Mr. Wong with a lawsuit. I am sure it would have something underlying like "Steve Jobs owns your soul when you carry around his IPhone and putting Android on his PRECIOUS is considered worshiping a false prophet".....or something ludicrous like that.