Urging More Participants to Join The Coolest Linux Workspace Contest

You may have noticed that we didn't have a "Coolest Linux Workspace Contest" entry last week. The reason was simply because we are in need of participants. So we would like to encourage everyone to join since the contest period is still far from over. This is your chance to make easy money and at the same time show off your Linux workspace setup.

For today, I would like to feature a couple of entries I received, which failed to qualify for the contest for certain reasons. This is my way of giving credit for their efforts in submitting their workspace photos and information to me. So here are their submissions:

Basel's Linux Workspace:

Owner’s Notes: Acer Laptop with Ubuntu 9.10 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz, 3GiB RAM, 250GiB HD and Nvidia Geforce 9300M GS) Toshiba Laptop with Ubuntu 10.04 for testing ( Intel Centrino 1.6GHz, 1GiB RAM, 80GiB HD) MacBook Pro3,1 And it Runs Mac OS X required for Firmware updates and studying purposes along side with Ubuntu 9.10 as the Main OS (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2GiB RAM, 250GiB with Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT) A Monitor for Dual mode. The display is connected to the Custom desktop, which Runs "Win7 (Testing purposes only)" and Ubuntu 9.10, and it is a Stream server as well (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 4GiB, 260GiB HD, Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS, TechniSat Skystar 2 PCI TV or somthing...).
A back up Display under the desk…
On the desk also (2 External HD with 320GiB and 1TiB, a Nokia E61 Mobile Phone and HP Photosmart Printer and scanner above it, a Linksys Router and another router some where to provide 2 Wireless access points, 2 External WebCams, and 2 Remote Controllers one for the DVB card and the other for the MacBook Pro and the most important part of the picture my Cup of Espresso with Starbucks Logo on it ;-)

Pete's Linux Workspace:

Owner’s Notes: My entry for "Coolest Linux Workstation" is a gag entry: behold the GarbageTron Zero-13a. The left CPU is running OpenSUSE Linux 11.2 and the right CPU is running XP dual-booted with Win2K.

Scanner and printer go to the Windows box since they had drivers only for that and I was too lazy to do the hacks. OK, since all major pieces of the system are five to ten years old, what's the big deal? CHEAPNESS. I used donated or salvaged units (including the almost-new Belkin KVM) and spent about $75 on the whole idea. It just needed a surge protector (APC), a USB hub for convenience and an ink cartridge for the printer. This gives me Windows compatibility for work and a current Linux for most everything else.

Thank you Pete and Basel.

So once again, I would like to encourage everyone to join our $100 Coolest Linux Workspace Contest. If you have questions or suggestions on perhaps making the contest more interesting, please do so via comment.


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    "which failed to qualify for the contest for certain reasons".
    maybe it would be better if you clarify that reasons ;)

  2. @Anonymous:

    One of the reasons is not following the contest rules. The other one was based on the quality of the submission.

  3. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    My Linux Audio Workstation

  4. LinuxloverJune 04, 2010

    how can i join this event...i would like to share my linuxworkspace

  5. @Linuxlover you can read the contest mechanics here: