15 (More) Awesome Conky Configurations

You may have already seen our list of awesome Conky scripts or configurations, and perhaps applied or used some of them on your own Linux desktop. Since that collection was quiet popular, I decided to scour the web once again to gather more Conky scripts that I could share with all of you. Now, here is another list of some of the most excellent and unique conky configurations that you could freely use. Enjoy!

WhiteCircles by WindGarbin

Full Screen by arpbook

WOW Light WorldWide by J3RI3L

Conky by Bruce

Conky by taklertamas

RenjiConky by tsompanis

Conky by vsv

A New Start by alecive

SpaceShip by WindGarbin

Conky by rahulthewall

Black Column by arpbook

Conky by naaamo2004

Conky Arch Theme by belhor

Conky Lucid Blue by djspider

Conky Flavours

If you would like to share with us your own Conky setup, please do so by providing us a link or two via comment.


  1. They're awesome..=). I never saw the creativity in winworld just yet. Linux is the future obviously and I'm proud to be one of linuxers.>_o

  2. Bigger screenshots.

  3. Just too bad that no one ever seems to think about those of us that would like to have more examples of console based conky configurations for things like servers, or ssh connections. Lovely, though.