Best Online Data Backup Service for Linux Poll

It has been a while since I last posted a poll here, so I guess it's about time to ask for your participation.

I have previously featured and shared with you some of the best online backup services for Linux, which includes Dropbox, ZumoDrive, ADrive, Ubuntu One, SpiderOak, Wuala, Jungle Disk, and CrashPlan. From that list, which do you think is currently the best online data backup service for Linux?:

You may also provide us a brief explanation regarding your vote via comment.


  1. S3QL ( is a good alternative as well. In contrast to most of the other programs, it's Open Source and works with different storage services (although the focus is clearly on Amazon S3). It also offers encryption, compression and de-duplication.

  2. You left out:

  3. Also take e look at BackupAgent

  4. can any of the other providers compete with CrashPlan?

    * $180 for three years of unlimited (I have 250GB now) back-up of all your personal computers (I have 3). (Thats only $5/month)

    * client runs in the background, once you set it up you never have to think about it again

    * If you don't want to pay for the storage service you can start using the crashplan server/client with a friend and you can start backing up to each others computers. (Encrypted, only you will be able to retrieve data)

    * You can also set crashplan to backup to your nas or whatever. (However it does not support different backup sets to different locations.)


  6. Dropbox is a way ahead of the other given candidates. =)

  7. Spideroak is secure, has a ton of linux distro's and 50% cheaper than