Which do you think is the best Linux distro for web server?

Not long ago, I have featured here some of the best and most popular Linux distributions utilized on web servers [Best Linux Distro for Web Server, 8 More Linux Distributions for Web Server]. Although there are still other Linux distros capable of doing web server tasks, I think those lists include the creme of the crop already. But still, I would like to know which do you think is the best Linux distro for web server by answering this poll question:

You may also share with us your thoughts or opinions via comment below.


  1. I'm wondering why Fedora is not on the list :(

  2. I like it very much, thanks a lot.

  3. @mh3rn4nd3z3 I don't know for sur, but I suspect because its a RHEL cut down version (not tested out by the company maybe). And CentOS is the same as RHEL, I Think.
    Again, I don't know because I use debian.

  4. Where is FreeBSD? FreeBSD is the best