Google Chrome OS (Stable) May Be Unleashed this November

The final stable version of Chrome OS could be out this November. TechCrunch has reported that developers are already testing the Chrome OS Release Candidate (RC), which means Google may finally announce the finished product no later than next month.

As some of you may remember, Chrome OS was introduced with a bang almost a year ago. But after it, Google has been silent and didn't give us enough update regarding the development of this much-awaited cloud-centric operating system.

Several posts from a Google employee have been spotted at Chrome OS Code site that indicates a November 11 release date. In response to a question about a specific feature, the employee wrote, “we will push this after November 11". The date was mentioned again on his or her other post.

The RC status was possibly achieved a few days ago, and the most recent build could be

There are several hints that Google Chrome OS is on the horizon. One is the Chrome Web Store that will be launched this October. There is also the rumored Google tablet computer that may also be released in November. Lastly, developers are now busy working on the screensavers, login screens, highlight colors, and other user interface elements, which is a telltale sign that most of the important under-the-hood features are pretty much done.

TechCrunch has contacted Google for comments and here is their response:

“We are very happy with the progress of Google Chrome OS and expect devices will be available later this year. We’ll have more details to share at launch.”

This is pretty exciting news because I think Chrome OS is one of the keys to Linux world domination. I can't wait to get my hands on Chrome OS and probably the Google tablet computer.

Credit: TechCrunch


  1. This is indeed an exciting development. I thought the Chrome OS project is already abandoned because of the recent surge in popularity of Android.

    Chrome OS will be the end of Windows.

  2. Fat chance of that happening. People cant game on Chrome OS

  3. Um, you forget
    most 'gaming' done by the 'majority' is on facebook...

  4. Yeah chrome OS was designed for netbooks... it will never replace windows until they can make a fully functioning, backward-windows compatible desktop and laptop operating system with no bugs. And even then they have to squeeze their way into the market and convince people to move over, let alone teaching people how to use a whole new OS...