Panasonic Jungle, a Portable Linux-based MMORPG Console

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If you love playing MMORPG and other online games, then you may like the Panasonic Jungle. This portable game console is probably the first handheld device that runs online games and MMORPGs exclusively. The Panasonic Jungle comes after 15 years since the release of the already extinct 3DO game console. This is like a huge gamble by Panasonic since the market is now saturated with variety of portable gaming devices like the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch.

Although details of the Panasonic Jungle's specifications and features are not yet released, several credible sources have told us that it will run Linux. The device is said to be cloud-centric, and aside from online gaming, it may include features for video content creation. The only game that is said to be onboard at the moment is Battlestar Galactica Online.

In terms of design, the Panasonic Jungle reminds me of Pandora, which is not quite on the attractive side. On a positive note, the device looks sturdy and could be used for self-defense. Based on looking at the image above, the Panasonic Jungle has a clamshell format. It is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and possibly has a touchpad and some D-pads.

To all MMORPG fans out there, here is a quick video teaser of the Panasonic Jungle to get your blood pumping:

We don't have information regarding the price and availability of the Panasonic Jungle just yet, but I'm guessing the price will be at around $500. If they will sell this device for $200 I may buy it, and then give it to my brother :-)

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