10 (More) Unknown but Useful Linux Terminal Commands: Since our list of unknown but useful Linux terminal commands has become quite popular, I would like to give you another round of handy Linux one-liners. If used appropriately, these commands will help you do the job quickly and efficiently.

Without further delay, here is an additional list of unknown but useful Linux terminal commands (in no particular order):

1. A quick way to rename a file:

mv name_of_file.{old,new}

2. Monitoring progress of a particular command:

pv access.log | gzip > access.log.gz

3. Deleting every file in a folder that don’t match a specific file extension

rm !(*.foo|*.bar|*.baz)

4. Removing duplicate entries in a file without sorting:

awk '!x[$0]++'

5. Ripping audio from a video file:

mplayer -ao pcm -vo null -vc dummy -dumpaudio -dumpfile

6. Displaying the Linux distribution name and version:

cat /etc/issue

7. Creating a script of the last executed command:

echo “!!” > foo.sh

8. Extracting tarball from the Internet without saving it locally:

wget -qO – “http://www.tarball.com/tarball.gz” | tar zxvf -

9. Removing all files except the one specified:

rm -f !(never_delete.txt)

10. Editing a file on a remote host using vim:

vim scp://username@host//path/to/name_of_file

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