5 More Online Data Backup Services for Linux

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A lot of us rely on online backup service since it is a quick, secure and cost-effective solution in backing up or storing files. As some of you may know, we have featured here some of the best online backup services for Linux not long ago. Today, we would like to add five more online data backup services that are mostly as capable as those mentioned on the previous list.

Barracuda Backup Service
The Barracuda Backup Service incorporates automatic local data backup thru the Barracuda Backup Server with secure online backups. This procedure offers the best of both worlds - onsite backups for quick restore times and reliable, offsite storage for disaster recovery. To minimize traditional backup storage demands by 20 to 50 times and lower backup windows and bandwidth requirements, efficient replication techniques are utilized. Barracuda supports a flexible range of connectivity options for backing up data from network file systems including CIFS (Windows), SSHFS (Mac and Linux/Unix) and NCP (Novell).

Barracuda Backup Service Features:
- Safe offsite backups in the cloud
- Deduplicated cost-effective backup storage
- Redundant disk-based storage
- Best-of-breed data retention policies
- Web interface multi-location management
- Restore by Web, FTP and Windows software

The method of using Usenet to store backup data is called Usenet backup or uBackup. At first, the Usenet only stored and forwarded text messages but it eventually become possible to store and forward binary files. With the increasing retention time from Usenet providers and the growing upload speed from users, it became reasonable to utilize the Usenet to store backup data. With uBackup, the user must manually select and upload the data. While storing data on Usenet is free of charge, you need access to Usenet first.

The Egnyte Cloud File Server offers secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use online file storage, file sharing and computer backup for small to large business enterprises. Its Hybrid Cloud Solution enables fast local edit capabilities and offline access to your files. Users can access their files either in the cloud or on any local hardware, with data syncing in real-time.

Other Features of Egnyte:
- SAS 70 Type II data centers
- 99.97% guaranteed uptime
- 256-bit AES encryption over SSL
- Multi-level access control
- Active Directory & LDAP support
- HIPAA compliance

Memopal is an online backup and online storage software that automatically and continuously saves your files to a remote server via secure Internet connection. Your files are protected from data corruption, malfunctions, theft or simply human error. Using Memopal, files can be accessed from any Internet location or Internet-ready smartphone like the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Some of the advantages of Memopal:
- Simple and fast
- Smart and secure storage while respecting your privacy (using 448 bit encryption)
- Files can be organized in a logical manner
- Send files larger than 1 Gigabyte in less than 10 seconds

Unitrends Vault2Cloud
The Unitrends Vault2Cloud online backup service provides comprehensive solutions for the fast and secure physical seeding of user data into the cloud and for next-day shipment of a full-featured on-premise appliance in the case of a disaster. It integrates Unitrends' all-in-one on-premise backup and archiving appliances with a multi-tenancy cloud-based architecture implemented via an SAS 70 Type II Tier 3 backend infrastructure. The Vault2Cloud service can be easily monitored and managed through an intuitive Web 2.0-based user interface that is available for all Unitrends appliances.

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