5 Productivity-Enhancing Android Apps

5 Productivity-Enhancing Android Apps: With the number of apps available on the Android market growing by the minute, selections of apps have steadily proved to be among the most productive Android apps. These apps, already in use by millions of Android users are simply must-have apps.

One can hardly mention the word productivity without having to think about an Office Suite. Being able to access documents while on the move is a big bonus in today’s fast paced society. Documents To Go 2.0 lets you do exactly that and is, by far, the Office Suite of choice for Android devices. The app lets users do all their word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, slideshows and PDF viewing on their Android devices. Basically, users of the app can use their Android devices to do everything a normal PC would do in Microsoft Office, Open Office or any other serious office suite.

The Android platform has been heavily criticized for lacking an efficient way for users to easily manage their files. With the advanced possibilities that today’s mobile device offers, users have every right to store numerous files on their devices as if they were actual PCs. This requires an app that gives users the power to manage files and directories on their Android devices, a problem well solved by Astro File Manager. Astro lets you copy, move, delete and rename files. The app goes a step further by providing a file explorer, archive manager and backup utility.

This multipurpose app that lets you remember and recall almost anything that happens in your life. Billed mainly as a note-taking app, Evernote lets users take notes, jot down ideas, and capture snapshots and recordings for later retrieval. One of the Evernote’s biggest features is that that it allows users to instantly synchronize all their notes, images and recordings to and from phone, to the Web, to PC.

Keeping your battery life as long as possible when on the move is something everyone strives to do. Android’s ability to multitask, which sometimes leads to having unnecessary apps running in the background and taking up processor power and battery life, make Advanced Task Killer an important app to have. Advanced Task Killer is developed to free up the processor and battery life of your android device. The app works by closing any unnecessary apps from your devices system to ensure that you have enough memory to run important and productive apps.

The DropBox app is the mobile version of the popular DropBox Service that allows users to sync content between multiple devices and multiple platforms remotely. The app allows users to:

Upload from an Android device to their DropBox
Download files from their DropBox
Share links of your files to different people
Ability to auto upload images as you take them

On top of that, the app offers other added functionalities such as excellent searching capabilities and free 2GB of cloud storage for your files and media that make the app worthwhile.

The creativity of Android apps is continuously growing; every new version of Android opens up with new possibilities that will eventually be exploited to form the next generation of productive apps on the Android platform. For this reason, Android users should download the apps listed above, and even try out more apps, to get their personal opinion on what their most productive Android apps are. You may also check out the list of best free Android apps posted by Jun Auza.

Noah Amolo wrote this article especially for TechSource.


  1. I also find SecForms (free) very good to store private (encrypted) information.

  2. This is an important read when it comes to the Task Killer:!5650894/android-task-killers-explained-what-they-do-and-why-you-shouldnt-use-them

  3. Task killers are evil for Android. Never use one.

    Since Google launched Google Docs for Android, is there any need in Documents-To-Go?

  4. Google themselve have stated that TaskKillers are no good for Android.