Best Finance Apps for Android

The basic wallet, as we know it, is gradually being absorbed into the digital world and mobile devices are deemed to take the throne and become the eventual digital wallet. This is just one way that the Android platform is taking financial management to the next level of mobile computing. Numerous apps are taking advantage of the computing power that the platform offers to create Finance Apps that make managing our finances and carrying out transactions a whole lot easier.

Here are some of the best finance apps available for Android:

Easy-to-use and convenient are just two of the numerous benefits that come with the Mint for Android App. Mint is one of the most popular online services that brings your financial accounts together online, categorizes transactions and lets you set budgets. It therefore comes as no surprise that Mint on Android is one of the best Finance Apps on the platform. The app is full of features that make managing your money and keeping track of your budget on-the-move extremely simple. Even better, is that the app works in real time by giving users up-to-date information about their accounts, letting them check budgets and edit transactions. As anyone would expect when dealing with finances, the Mint app is password protected to offer a level of security to users.

The Google Finance Android App brings the best of Google Finance to your phone. Real time capabilities mean everything in today’s fast paced financial sector and Google, the company behind Android, took this into consideration when releasing the Google Finance App. At a glance, users have access to real time quotes and data relating to Finance. One can keep up with their stock portfolio, get the latest market news, and follow the financial sectors of interest to them.

An important part of financial saving is getting the best price when shopping so that we can save that extra amount. The ShopSavvy for Android app is founded on the barcode scanning capabilities available on the Android platform. Using an Android device camera, users can scan barcodes of items they wish to buy when shopping and the app will perform a search that returns price comparisons for the product from other stores. The app is able to return locally sold products based on your GPS coordinates and it separates comparisons for all online locations and local locations. ShopSavvy also includes a price alert, which will email you if the price changes on your saved search results.

The Debt Snowball app for Android is an ideal way to manage debt. One core objective for the app is to lessen finance and interest charges when repaying debts. The app uses the debt snowball technique by proving simple interfaces to enter any outstanding loans and credit card balances into to app including information such as interest rate and monthly repayment amounts. Debt Snowball also creates a provision to input the amount of money one can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. The app then allocates the funds so as to reduce the debt in the fastest and most efficient manner, saving money by creating a faster repayment plan.

Finance is itself a wide sector and the apps above cover a small fraction of this sector. There are numerous other financial apps available in Android markets that would suite the varying finance needs of Android users. The sure fact is that the Android platform is at the forefront in spearheading the need to manage Finance while on the move.

Written by: Noah Amolo, a regular contributor for this site and a die-hard Android fan/PHP web developer.


  1. Mint stinks!

    It cannot fathom new account security features for mutual funds!

    A big thumbs down!

  2. I didn't see EasyMoney in this best finance apps list. I think its a great alternative to Mint if you do not wish to have your data on the web. EasyMoney keeps the encrypted data in the SD card and acts as an 4 in 1 expense manager app.

    Take a look at their website here: