The 5 Worst Videos on YouTube

If at all you are au courant with the latest of everything that goes around on the Internet, you must definitely know about YouTube's sixth anniversary, which happened to be a few months ago. Marking the special event, was a great announcement from the Google-owned video sharing site -- YouTube now has more than 48 hours worth of video being uploaded every minute; yes folks, every minute.

For the past six years, the amazing site has gone through a lot of changes. It became more social, started accepting longer videos, and even started showcasing some cool movies. On the content front, YouTube has enthralled, entertained, informed and educated its viewers in every way possible. Be it the resilience of protesters in Egypt, inspiring advice from valedictorians or beautiful music from our favorite bands, YouTube has almost replaced the time-honored idiot box.

Today, you'll be expecting us to cover the best videos that are out there on YouTube. But instead, we'll be focusing on the worst that this site has managed to make popular. Without much ado, here's the big list:

She's Mad by PtheG

I believe that water boarding is one of the most atrocious forms of torture out there. But after listening to this song, I've completely changed my mind. A chap named PtheG, has recorded a song that is so bad that you'll need a strong dose of aspirin after watching it. The video is about a guy whose girlfriend is mad at him (for recording this song?) and she's constantly nagging him in a manner that looks just too fake to be believable. The song has possibly the worst lyrics ever written on this planet and is sung in a key that would make Simon Cowell commit a felony on national television. As far as acting is concerned, well, it is so bad that Paris Hilton would look like an Oscar-nominated actress. If at all, you consider yourself completely off the rocker, and happen to like this song, then feel free to buy his gear that includes t-shirts, hats, and ringtones.

The video has more than 100,000 views and around 1700 dislikes as of the time of writing. Somehow, more than 200 people have managed to like the song, which is a huge achievement for this guy. Despite the negative response the song got, Mr. PtheG has uploaded another song called I spit. It's a song about, well, never mind. Here's the original song that made him so popular. And yeah, it's auto-tuned, so enjoy.

Rebecca Black – Friday

If you've heard (about) this song, you won't be surprised to see its video showing up on this list. It is probably the worst song that has achieved what they call 'mainstream popularity'. The song is about a 13-year old girl singing about how excited she is now that Friday is here. Then as if you didn't know the days of the week, she starts explaining what comes after and before Friday. She then appears to face an existential dilemma when she doesn't know whether to sit in the front seat or the back seat. The car, of course, is driven by another 13 year old who has apparently forgotten to put on his seatbelt. As far as the actual song is concerned, nightmare would be the most appropriate word to describe it. It is a song that will make Pavarotti rise up from his grave and commit suicide. If at all, you manage to like the song, I suggest you buy her single from the iTunes store (Stop laughing, the rest of you).

As for the stats, the video has over 160 million views with more than 3 million dislikes. The video has now been removed from YouTube due to copyright dispute. For now, enjoy this popular parody:

Lady Gaga -- Telephone

Sorry little monsters, we've already offended a lot of you folks. First, we used Lady Gaga's 'popularity' to endorse an open source operating system. And now, we're including her chart-topping song in this dreaded list. To tell you the truth, we don't really mind; nor does she. This video for the song called Telephone by Lady Gaga (featuring Beyonce) is one of those awfully bad videos that make your want to rip your ears off. Firstly, you don't simply get, what on earth is happening in the video. And secondly, you feel this strange guilt after watching the whole thing that reminds you that you just wasted the most precious 10 minutes of your life. Apart from being time wasting, the song is so bad that it actually makes you feel sorry for all the good talent that's being overshadowed by this second-rate kitsch. Anyways, who am I to tell you what's good and what's bad, take a look at the video and you decide.

Baby Baby by Justin Bieber

If you noticed that we haven't really been nice to teenagers, you are totally right. There is absolutely no reason on earth that people should be nice to teenagers, especially if one of them happens to be Justin Bieber. He is one of those celebrities whose fans are like everywhere, they're almost like frickin' zombies gnawing at your face. However, if you happen to have an IQ of more than 50 and you still like Bieber then you must really see a psychiatrist --- there maybe hope for you. If you don't know who this Bieber fellow is, then you are one of the most luckiest people on earth. Didn't want to ruin your day folks, but here's Justin Bieber singing Baby Baby.

N.B: If you manage to count how many times he utters the word 'Baby' in that song, we'll send you a stuffed monkey with your name written on its head. Nah, we won't.

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

This song, which you are about to hear, is licensed under Creative Commons. But after listening to it, you'd wish that it was copyrighted, DRMed and even banned if possible. The video stars a guy called Tay Zonday who has composed a song titled Chocolate Rain. Well, not that there is anything wrong about the song, but it's just the way he sings it that makes you go --- what the hell!

First of all, the singer, Mr Tay Zonday, has a voice that is, well, too out of this world. And not just that, he sings the song in a manner that is so annoying that it makes you wish that some Martians had better kidnapped this lad. The video has over 70 million views and around 75k dislikes. The video has become so popular that it has already been covered on South Park, Family Guy, Jimmy Kimmel live and other popular shows.

The video no doubt has made Tay a popular celebrity. And, it's only because he's such a bad singer. Turns out, if you want to get popular these days, you have to be terribly bad at what you do. God knows how many such Tay Zondays are waiting to be 'discovered'. These are crazy days my friends.

This post was written by Sam J., a social media expert and a long time TechSource reader.


  1. Well, I do believe you actually did find the very worst videos ever made. I could not make it all the way through any of them.

    Do this again sometime. :D

  2. i think chocolate rain is funny. better than all other videos listed here. and you forget to mention that it has almost 5 times the "likes" as compared to "dislikes".