Top 5 BitTorrent Clients for Android

Unless you've been living under a cave, you must surely have heard of BitTorrent. The peer-to-peer file sharing protocol has been around since 2001, and since then, it has managed to gain over 100 million users worldwide. BitTorrent has been used and misused for many purposes including file sharing, distribution releases, government leaks and yes, piracy. Accounting for roughly 43-70 % global Internet traffic, this protocol is one of the most talked-about things on the Internet.

Here at Tech Source, we've already showed you how to use BitTorrent on Linux and for the geeky ones, we've written also written a guide on how to download torrent files using the command line. But now, as we move on to the age of droids and iPhones, many people are looking to replace their desktop with their smartphone.

If you are too cell-savvy to use your desktop for torrents, read on as we cover the best BitTorrent clients for Android. These applications will let you download all the latest torrents without the need to boot up your desktop.


aTorrent is a free BitTorrent software for Android that works across phones as well as tablets. The app features an integrated search bar that lets you find the latest torrent files for download. Other features include Magnet links support, partial downloads, parallel downloading and most importantly, the option to limit downloads to Wi-Fi. Packed with many more features, aTorrent is almost as good as any desktop torrent client albeit with some obvious limitations. One of the most interesting and unique features aTorrent provides is that it allows users to download only while power is connected, thus saving a lot of battery power. aTorrent is freely available for download from the Android marketplace.


aDownloader is a native BitTorrent client for Android with a simple and easy to use interface. Once you download the app, simply long press on any BitTorrent link you come across while browsing, and click on Share. Choose the aDownloader option, and your torrent will start download instantly. This feature makes this app great for folks who regularly download testing iso's of Linux distributions. A great way of putting this feature to use is by subscribing to distrowatch's RSS feeds, and then download the latest distro while on the go. Once your download is finished you can transfer it to your computer, burn it and enjoy the bleeding edge. Among other features, adownloader also supports adding torrent files from SD card. The app is freely available for download from the Android marketplace.

Rutracker Downloader

This is an app meant for pirates as it lets users download movies and music files from various BitTorrent sites. The app features an integrated pirate search that lets users download the latest movies and TV shows without any hassles. Rutracker is a fully functional BitTorrent client designed for Android and is freely available from the marketplace.


Swarm is a lightweight BitTorrent client for Android that is designed to be fast, and easy to use. Sporting a simple interface, this nifty application lets you add/remove new torrents instantly. Just open the torrent file and the downloads start immediately. If you've set your Android to go to sleep, don't worry, as this app also lets you prevent the phone from going to sleep mode. Also, it will let you inhibit your Wi-Fi from going to sleep so that you could keep a download running overnight without any hassles. Swarm is a great application for those who need a no-fuss BitTorrent client that doesn't bog the user down with too many options. Costing around 5 USD, Swarm is available for download from the Android Marketplace.


aBTC from NewFreedomApps is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Android. The app features an in-app search functionality that lets you find content instantly. aBTC also includes support for DHT as well as the ability to download files while sleeping. As compared to other torrent apps, this one hasn't got many good reviews. So, make sure you try out the other ones first.

Some Warnings: Before embarking on a downloading spree, keep the following things in mind -

1. Your phone, even though it may be dual-core, is not a computer. Don't expect the same speeds and functionality from an app as you expect from mu-torrent.
2. Using BitTorrent on the phone will drain your battery like crazy. So, if you're planning on a big download, make sure you plug in your charger beforehand.
3. Don't use BitTorrent when you're not on Wi-Fi. Downloading a 4GB file might take minutes on your 3G network, but it comes at a huge price.
4. Don't download anything illegal unless you're completely aware of the repercussions.


  1. Goodness, I didn't know this! Thanks for sharing, downloading it now! :)

  2. I like the fact that some of these torrents will not let you download anything unless you are connected to WiFi, and also powered up. I can't tell you how many times I have signed in to Skype on my Android forgetting that I was connected to 3g and then couldn't make a connection. I also like the feature in swarm that won't let your phone go to sleep so you can download overnight. I think I am going to spend $5 and get Swarm! Thanks for the informative post!

  3. Any of these open source?

    Transperancy in applications and devices is becoming more imporant now that consumers are waking up to the tactics of software and hardware vendors..

    CarrierIQ comes to mind as the most recenr example.