Top First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games for Android

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From the classic Golden Eye 007 to the more modern and visually stunning Call of Duty MW 4, first-person shooter (FPS) games have always had a special place in the hearts of hardcore gamers. The genre has reached worldwide acclaim since it allows the player character to see and feel the action through his/her own eyes. This engaging style of gameplay has been lauded by many gamers, thus propelling the success of billion-dollar blockbusters like Modern Warfare and Battlefield series.

The omnipresence of this genre is such that Linux too offers a great variety of FPS games to choose from. And, as more and more people are moving on to the popular portable version of Linux -- that is Android of course--, there are some great FPS games that you can enjoy on your mobile devices too. So, if you’re looking forward to shooting conniving villains and evil monsters on your beloved Android, here are three of the most popular first-person shooter games for Android.

Modern Combat 2

Rather than being just a poor man’s Call of Duty, Modern Combat 2 is a game that brings the best first-person shooting experience to your Android. The intense shooter throws you into 12 different battlefield scenarios like Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and more. To help you eliminate all the baddies, you get 15 different -- and of course ‘modern’ weapons -- to choose from. Not all are handed to you right away, but you can always pick many up from your deceased enemies.

The game features a unique control method that leverages the gyro functionality of your mobile to make gameplay even more immersive. Once you finish the single-player campaign, you can always go online and try out the four different multiplayer modes that the game comes with. You can either play online or local; and the game allows up to ten players at a time. So, in short, the game is just as addictive as you think it is. With stunning graphics, engaging gameplay and a whole bunch of enemies to kill, this action-shooter is worth your every penny.

N.O.V.A. 2 HD

A sequel to the highly popular N.O.V.A. game, N.O.V.A. 2 HD takes place six years after the events depicted in the first episode. The central government Terran Orbitals, and the Human-Alliance are in the midst of a bloody civil war. Kal Wardin (protagonist and the main player character), who was living peacefully on Scorpius for the past six years, is called back by Prometheus to Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance a.k.a. N.O.V.A. And that’s when the real battle begins.

This sci-fi FPS title cuts no corners in providing a superb gaming experience. The game features an amazingly detailed single-player design along with an intense multiplayer mode. While the single-player takes place on different environments, the multiplayer mode gives you ten great maps to showcase your skills. Furthermore, the ranking system, and the leaderboards feature make sure that you get your daily dose of online bragging right away.

With over a dozen weapons, three special powers, and 12 chapters to shoot through, N.O.V.A. 2 proves to be one of the best FPS games out there for Android.

Contract Killer

In a world full of gangsters, bounty hunters, and criminals, it’s up to you to clean up the mess. But unlike in the aforementioned games, you’re not an expert soldier, nor you are a policeman; you’re just a deadly assassin who shoots quietly from rooftops. You’re a contract killer.

Contract Killer is a game about, well, a contract killer who takes on various missions and gets paid handsomely to do that. Unlike Modern Combat, Contract killer relies on stealth and precision. Though you get to select from a wide range of weapons, the sniper is probably the weapon you’ll end up using most of the time. Each contract you take up earns you cold hard cash. Shoot for the head, and you get more than what you usually get. You can then use that cash to upgrade your armory.

The game comes with 17 missions that go with the story, and other random missions that give the game an unlimited gameplay. The graphics aren’t as good as Modern Combat or N.O.V.A., but they aren’t that bad either. Also, at times the game tends to be a bit repetitive, but the overall gameplay is quite amazing for a mobile game. Worth a try if you’re bored with the traditional instant shoot-and-kill FPS games.


Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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