Best GarageBand-like Apps For Android

You are busy strumming at that beautiful guitar, moving from the verse to the chorus. Just as the word SOLO appears on the lyrics page, with a flourish of excitement and a slight fumble of fingers, you manage to finish what seemed like the most difficult riff of your life. You complete the song and then, wiping the sweat from your brow, you shout out loud “I need to start a band.”

Starting a band eh? Well, it’s not as easy as it looks, well, at least, that’s what I’ve heard many people say. And anyway, who’d go through the trouble of looking for new bandmates? No, no, not me sir; I’m just happy sitting here in front of my computer and having the world come to my desktop. And what better way to do that than to have a cool app like GarageBand instantly downloaded on my desktop?

So, if you’re one of those aspiring musicians lacking a full-fledged band, an app like GarageBand is a blessing in disguise. And though the application is only available for iOS, Android users don’t have to go green with envy yet. Our very own Android has a good repertoire of GarageBand-like apps, some of which are even free.

ReLoop Loop Sequencer

ReLoop Loop Sequencer is a loop-based music sequencer that lets you make music using samples and loops. The application comes with real-time loop preview, a nice little feature, which lets you get a feel of how the loop will sound when added to the track. By default, ReLoop comes with three effects: Delay, Low-pass filter, and distortion; however, more effect packs can be added for free by downloading them from the marketplace.

As the app comes with support for gestures, the interface is really easy to use. Just dragging, dropping, and tapping are the only actions you’ll need to know in order to start using ReLoop.

Finally when you’re done creating your musical masterpiece, you can export it to a CD-quality track. Though not free, ReLoop Loop Sequencer is one of the best synthesizer apps out there; and don’t worry if you’re a tablet computer user; the app works exceptionally well on many Android tablets.

RD3 Groovebox

Developed in Berlin, Groovebox is an amazing app that lets you program your own grooves. With support for multi-touch gestures, the app comes with loads of features that audiophiles and musicians will love.

Groovebox includes a virtual analog synthesizer, multiple waveforms (3 types), high-quality filter modes, drum machine with 8 drum kits, and 3 play modes. The interface is really easy to use, thanks to the multi-touch support and the built-in ability to cut, copy, or paste patterns.

Once you’re done creating your tunes, you can either save the session, or export the audio loop. Though not free, RD3 is a highly polished synthesizing app for Android.

If you’re a tad skeptical about spending your money on this app, you can always try out the free demo version of the app.

PocketBand Uloops Pro

One of the most highly rated apps in this genre is PocketBand Uloops Pro. Unlike the aforementioned apps, PocketBands comes across as a powerful application thanks to its reliance on cloud technology. Despite the downside of requiring a fast, unlimited data connection, PocketBand is perhaps the best synthesizer app for Android.

The app comes with a 12-channel mixer (with effects), a drum machine (35 drumkits), recorder, modulator, and an arpeggiator. The recorder makes use of your phone’s microphone to provide live audio recording. As for the effects, PocketBand leads the pack with a great lineup that includes delay, flanger, reverb, phaser, and more.

Once you’re finished recording your song, you can either share the song on the Internet or save it locally. If you want, you can also share your work under Creative Commons license so that it can be remixed and listened to freely by the huge community. What’s more, you can also remix songs uploaded by other musicians (only if they’re CC-licensed).

Overall, PocketBand is a great, feature-filled synthesizer with a multitude of quality effects, which turn your Android gadget into a full-fledged mixing device.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.


  1. I am not an Apple Head, but, nothing compares to Garage Band!
    That is one hell of an app that Apple developed.
    My daughter has an iPad. If move to an iPad, it would be just because of Garage Band.
    Also, TCO for Android devices is pretty close to that of an iPad. No decent app is really free.

  2. The Heading "GarageBand-like Apps" is completely misleading.
    I would love to dump Apple for Android but none of these apps listed come close to GarageBand. Smart instruments? MIDI support? Live guitar recording through interfaces like iRig?
    Like the previous commenter, I then bought an iPad purely to use GarageBand.

    - Lazza64