Awesome iOS Apps That Deserve To Be On Android

Our beloved Android outmatches the universally worshipped iPhone in almost every department. In fact, there are some areas where Android is miles ahead of the Cupertino marvel. For example, Android, as we very well know, is much more open and doesn't believe in the walled-garden philosophy that the late Steve Jobs obstinately stood by. Also, the Google-made operating system can be installed on any device, be it smartphones, tablets, and even desktop computers thus making Android hugely popular amongst tweakers, hackers, and yes, among Linux fans.

As the surge of Android continues, Apple still endures to display its might with some tempting iOS-only features and apps. One of the most mouth-watering of these treats is the charmingly servile personal assistant called Siri, which, thanks to its resourcefulness, has been received overwhelmingly by gadget fans worldwide. Having said that, die-hard Android fanboys like us tried to refute the perceived “dominance” of Apple by suggesting you a list of the best Siri alternatives for Android.

But hey, don’t get too excited just yet, because there are some areas where the Droids get beaten hands down, and that is the apps department. The Apple app store has a huge assortment of high-quality, popular applications that aren't yet available in Android market. Though few of these “exclusive” apps are made by Apple itself, some of them are made by independent developers thus raising their chances of arriving on Android. So, to make the Android fan in you green with envy, here are some of the best iOS apps that deserve to be on your Droid.


Cards is an Apple-made app that lets you create and mail beautifully crafted real greeting cards, along with personalized text and photo right from your iOS device. A clever rethink of the old-school postcards, this innovative app lets you customize your photo and personal message with 21 unique designs. These designs help you quickly craft a beautiful card appropriate for various occasions like birthdays, new baby, love, and travel. Once you’re done creating your masterpiece, you can send it to any U.S address for $2.99 and worldwide for $4.99 only.


Just like PayPal revolutionized payment via the Internet, Square is busy reinventing the wheel when it comes to mobile payments. Not only does the app lets you pay at any store using your mobile, it also lets you quickly transfer money to your friends and loved ones without any hassles. Square works along with an adapter called Square Card Reader; this device, when attached to your iPhone or iPad lets you swipe any credit card across your phone in an easy and secure way. The adapter is free once you sign up for the app and it works with almost all major credit cards.

Oops! Square is already available on Android. Thanks Corfy for pointing that out.


Flipboard is one of those “killer apps” that iPad users have been boasting of for a long time. The social magazine application collects the content from all social networks and other websites and presents it in the swanky iPad format. Specially designed for the touchscreen interface, Flipboard would make a great Google Currents competitor for the Android platform.


GarageBand is one of those amazing apps that every Android user would love to have on his or her phone. While there’s no shortage of GarageBand alternatives for Android, there’s nothing quite like the original. The awesome application helps you become a star musician in no time. With its great collection of instruments, GarageBand is equally useful for budding musicians as well as seasoned guitar heroes. For professionals, the app acts as a recording/mixing equipment, and for amateurs, it’s just another fun way to learn the instrument you always wanted to try out.


Instagram is the most amazing app for iOS. Not only has it completely changed the way people share and discover photos, it has also has given the startup fame beyond their imagination. That said, despite all that popularity, the app makers are yet to release an Android version of Instagram. All we can say is hurry up guys, Droid is where the gold is :)


  1. Um, Square is available for Android. I have it on my Android-based phone.

  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

    sadly, garageband will never be on android. it is developed by apple.