Highly Recommended Android Apps for Bloggers/Blogging

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Despite the soaring popularity of microblogging, content curation, and video logging, the good old way of publishing your thoughts on a blog hasn't really died out. Defying many predictions, blogging still rocks as it used to be about 3 or 4 years ago. An apt testament to this fact would be Mashable and TechCrunch, the two biggies in the business, which started out as modest websites and went on to become two of the most popular tech-related sites on the Internet.

Despite the multitudes of blogging services offered right now, most bloggers prefer using either WordPress or Blogger. We at TechSource prefer Google-owned Blogger; however, you’ll find many more sites relying on the open-source CMS WordPress. While it’s easy to use those two services via the web, more and more bloggers prefer updating their site on the go. This is especially true for travel bloggers and citizen journalists.

So, if you’re a travel blogger, or a tech blogger like us, we've come up with an impressive list of all the best blogging tools for your Android device. Not only will these apps help you update your blog on the go, they’ll also make it easy for you to chronicle your travel tales with a touch of a button.


Blogger, the Google-run service is the most popular blogging platform around. With millions of users worldwide and almost no downtime, the free platform has managed to garner a huge fan following. Since the search giant is in charge of this service, they have developed an official Android app for it. The free application lets you publish posts (with photo uploads, labeling, and location information), view posts, and to a limit manage your Blogger account. If you own multiple accounts or blogs, the app lets you switch between them without any hassles.


Though the aforementioned official app suffices most bloggers’ needs, it still falls short when you need a little more control over the posts you publish. Solving this problem comes Bloggeroid which, once installed, lets you customize your drafts using simple wikisyntax. Also, the app lets you save and load your posts from SD card making it easier for you to backup and transfer them onto your computer. In all, Bloggeroid is a great alternative to the official Blogger app.

Travel Blog

If you’re planning to start a travel blog, this is an app that you’ll find quite handy. Travel blog, as the name suggests, lets you blog your location along with a short description of the place. The app is a great way to publish your itinerary, which in turn will help your readers in their own travels if they were to make the same trip. And yes, the app is completely open-source!

Drupal Editor

If you’re blog is powered by Drupal, you can go for Drupal editor, which is a free app that lets you create and publish posts to your site. Though unofficial, it’s nevertheless a useful tool for all the Drupal users around.


If you’re a Tumblr user, this next app lets you share photos, chats, links, texts, and even videos with all your readers. The free tool also lets you reply to messages, save drafts and manage multiple Tumblr accounts on the go.


WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms around is used by many top-notch blogs online. Their official app, once installed, brings the same WordPress experience to your little Android device. Either you’re a self-hosted WordPress user ( or a user, you can easily write, edit, and publish your heart out with this free tool. To make things easier, the app includes an innovative dashboard that lets users quickly jump to and from any of the main menus (New Post, Comments, Drafts etc.).

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