Top 5 Mind Mapping Tools For Android

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Of all the learning methods in the world, mind mapping has been regarded as one of the best and the most efficient ones around. A mind map is basically a diagram that represents various ideas, words, or tasks, and links them together branching out from one single idea. The reason these spider-like diagrams work well is the fact that they facilitate learning in a more visual manner as opposed to the tedious process of going through long texts. Invented and popularized by Tony Buzan, mind mapping can be used for brainstorming ideas, preparing for exams, or breaking down a big project.

Though the easiest way to start mind mapping is using a pen and paper, many people actually prefer taking the help of software. We've already talked about the best mind mapping tools available for Linux, it’s time to touch upon the ones that are available for Android. So, without much ado, here are the best mind mapping tools for Android:

Connected Mind

Connected Mind is one of the most feature-laden mind-mapping apps for Android. This cloud connected tool lets you draw detailed mind maps and sync them with your Google cloud account (via Google App engine). Rather than relying on a plain drag-and-drop interface, Connected Mind brings a more intuitive approach to mind mapping. You can draw mind maps with your fingers like you are drawing on a piece of paper. Furthermore, the app comes with support for all versions of Android, including the recently released Ice Cream Sandwich. Once you’re done mind mapping, you can share your maps as images on Twitter, Facebook, etc. without leaving the app.

Mind Map Memo

This free app lets you draw mind maps in a neat, intuitive way. You can choose between different node icons, change background color, and even select your favorite node color. Another important feature that this app offers is that it allows users to import and export their maps to and from Freemind. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, Smart Diagram Pro is freely available for download from the Google Play store.

Smart Diagram Pro

Actually a diagramming tool, Smart Diagram Pro can also be used as a great mind mapping application. Not only can you draw mind maps with it, you can also design flow charts, tree diagrams and more. To get started, the app features a nicely detailed tutorial guiding you through the basics of the application. Then, once you get the hang of it, you can draw as many diagrams as you like. Though the app doesn't provide any cloud-based backup, it does, however, let users export their files in XML and SVG format.


Mindjet, earlier known as Thinking Space Pro, is an app for capturing and organizing information. The tool lets you take notes, brainstorm ideas, and track tasks right from your beloved Android device. Not only can you create detailed mind maps with this application, you can also organize and tag them later on, so that finding them wouldn't be a drag.

Drawing maps is easy; the app supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts and gestures that make the process quite intuitive. You can drag and drop various topics and also add icons and images for context and detail. Furthermore, if you like to work with a little focus, the app also provides a nice full screen mode.

Finally, once you’re done with your mind maps, you can sync them with your PC using the Dropbox support that comes with the application. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, Mindjet is freely available for download from the marketplace.


MindMeister brings one of the most popular mind mapping applications to your Android device. The free app lets you create mind maps and sync them with your free online account. Also, you can share your maps with your friends or colleagues without leaving the app. Though the app hasn't been received that well by Android users, it still is worthy enough to belong to this list.

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