Handy Chrome Extensions For Reddit Lovers

When does the Narwhal bacon? If you can answer that question correctly, then, you my friend, are a Redditor! Symptoms of being a Redditor include a drastic drop in productivity, inability to perceive the passing of time, and an acute tendency to correct someone’s grammar on the Internet.

Reddit, for the uninitiated, is a hugely popular online community and also a social news website. The site has been responsible for the takedown of the infamous SOPA as well as changing the lives of millions of random strangers. Even for Redditors (frequent reddit users), it’s hard to explain what the site is actually about and why it is so popular. If you’re one of the users, here are some of the best Chrome extensions to enhance your Redditing experience:

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a free Chrome extension that brings tons of essential functionality to Reddit. Once installed, you’ll be able to switch between multiple Reddit accounts instantly. Also, it adds features like keyboard navigation, inline image viewer, single-click opener, and user tagger.

To the regular Redditors, this application lets them hide their username and also save comments for later viewing. For those a little more interactive with the site, you get to see live previews of your typed comment saving you dozens of re-edits. There are other features like data syncing and user highlighter making the app an essential tool for Reddit addicts. Oh, and the best part is that the app is completely free and open source.


Reddit Companion

Reddit companion is a simple extension that integrates Reddit into your browser. Every time you come across some content that is on Reddit, you can upvote / downvote it without visiting the main site. Also, you can opt to receive notifications for your Reddit messages.

Hover Zoom

Not essentially a Reddit tool, but it does serve as a great companion for Redditors. Every time you come across an image, instead of opening it in a new or same tab, you simply hover over it and preview it in full glory. Not only is the app useful for Reddit, it comes in handy while browsing sites like Amazon, Flickr and Twitter too.

Open Reddit NSFW Links in Incognito

The extension does what its says. It opens all NSFW links in incognito mode and saves you from finding something unexpectedly horrid in your browsing history.


Reddit Sidebar

Reddit Sidebar is an amazing extension that shows comments of a webpage in a neat sidebar. Though voting and commenting isn't working at the moment, the add-on does a great job at displaying the page’s comments.

Reddit Imager

Since most of the posts on Reddit consist of images, clicking each of them and opening them in new tabs kind of becomes tedious. To remedy that problem, Reddit Imager brings all the images and shows them on the front page in their full glory.


Reddit NSFW Filter

This is another great extension that lets you filter out NSFW posts on Reddit. Once installed, the add-on shows up as a simple button on top of your Reddit homepage. By simply clicking it you can turn on or off NSFW links. Very handy if you hate stumbling across NSFW links from time to time.


Reddit Reveal

Reddit Reveal saves you the trouble of visiting each user just to check their comment karma and link karma. The add-on, once installed, shows the number of upvotes / downvotes for a comment, the markdown source, user karma, and account age in line with the comment / post. This makes your Redditing experience a bit less tedious and much more organized.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.


  1. very nice collection, thank you!

  2. "The site has been responsible for the takedown of the infamous SOPA "

    Eh, while there was a good effort from members of the community, I don't think Reddit gets to claim that alone. Plenty of other sites had large efforts and on the end of visibility alone, sites like google and wikipedia had black outs or displayed support that raised awareness well outside of a niche website.