Best CAD Apps for Android

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CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software applications are used by architects, engineers, and many professionals from various line of work. It helps them create, modify, and analyze technical drawings with great ease thus making their job more efficient and easy.  CAD software not only increases the productivity of the designer it also ameliorates the quality of design. On the desktop, applications like AutoCAD rule the market. However, those who prefer sticking to open-source can try out applications that we listed in our earlier article (Free and Open Source CAD Software for Linux). These applications do really help you make the best technical drawings possible.

That said, you couldn’t always be accessing your desktop all the time. There are times when a colleague sends you a CAD drawing and you want to check it out while on the run. Also, you might want to make some quick changes to the design before mailing them back the CAD file. In that case, you’d be better off downloading some good Android apps for CAD design.


AutoCAD is undoubtedly the best industry-standard CAD tool available today. AutoCAD WS, which is the famed desktop application’s mobile avatar, lets you view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings using your Android phone. You can also annotate or revise drawings right from your device.

The free application comes with a lot of interesting features. You can open 2D and 3D DWG drawings and then upload them to the cloud. Furthermore, you can do edits on shapes, scale objects, validate distance measurements, and more using simply your smartphone. This is very convenient if you have a quick meeting to go to and before that you have to make a few changes to your drawings. Again, you can save those edited files on the cloud using your AutoCAD WS online account. Finally, if you want to share your drawings with your colleagues, you can do that right from the application. Also, if you want to print the drawings directly, without using a computer, you can connect the app to an HP ePrint printer and get your job done easily.

Above all, AutoCAD WS is simply the best CAD application for your Android device. It’s free, stable, and works as expected.


AndCAD is a full CAD application for Android. It supports DXF and can let you create and edit drawings directly on your smartphone. AndCAD comes with features like True Vector Objects, Object Snapping, Direct Unit Input, Full Layer Support, Image Underlay, AutoCAD DXF Import/Export, Landscape & Portrait Mode and yes, there’s tablet computer support too. The app, though with many features, is a tad on the expensive side. You can however try the demo with some restrictions on import/export, saving and other features.

Inard CAD

Inard is another great CAD application for Android. It has its own unique interface and is specially crafted for touchscreens so that you can easily create your drawings without any clumsiness whatsoever. You can draw lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, areas, text and distances. There are also basic features like copy, rotate, and delete.

3D CAD Models Engineering

This app gives you access to thousands of parts from more than 300 certified catalogs of leading global manufacturers. Though not a drawing application like the aforementioned apps, it does, however, help engineers and architects lookup designs from various manufacturers from around the world. The 3D CAD models are compliant with world standards and can be readily used in CAD systems like AutoCAD, CATIA, Solidworks, Creo, and more. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to download the models for free be it 2D or 3D. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars, 3D CAD Models Engineering is freely available for download from the Play Store.

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