How to Get the Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Your Android Smartphone

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While the world is lusting over the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S3, I morosely stare at my Nexus S sitting quietly on my desk. It’s not a bad phone, it has pretty good features, and it runs Ice Cream Sandwich as well. But, that said, Samsung Galaxy S3 somehow makes my smartphone feels like a 19th century brick. It’s not just the amazing specs that this phone comes with; it’s also the various new ‘iPhone-killing’ features that make me want to buy it instantly.

The ICS-loaded Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Super AMOLED touchscreen, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, 8 MP camera, Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, and 1GB RAM. Though the hardware is classy, the one area where S3 scores big time is its software. Not only does it come with the latest and greatest version of Android, it also comes with some amazing built-in software like S-Voice (Samsung’s answer to Siri), Social tag, Smart Stay and more.

Though my Nexus S can’t enjoy all those built-in features of Samsung Galaxy S3, I’m sure tinkerers and tweakers like me must surely have found some way to bring all the S3 goodness to other Android smartphones. So, if you too, like me, are enamored by the awesomeness of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but aren’t ready to buy it yet, here’s how to get the best software features of the phone on your very own Android handset.


S-Voice is Samsung’s much-touted ‘Siri-killer’. Based on Vlingo, S-voice acts and works pretty much like Siri except some differences here and there. Of course, Siri is getting better and better everyday; however, if you want something that could stop your iPhone-loving friends from bragging, S-voice pretty much fits the bill. To get started, simply download the .apk file HERE and install the app on your Android smartphone.


S-Suggest is an app-suggestion application from Samsung that suggests apps and games for you from the Play Store. Though not very useful, it’s still a great addition for those who love discovering new apps and are always eager to get new app recommendations. The best part about it, though, is that it allows you to put a live widget on your homescreen, which, in turn, recommends you new apps. You can also hook the app up with your Facebook account and get recommendations from your friend and recommend them your favorites.

Galaxy S3 Go Launcher Theme

If installing S3 apps is too tedious for you, you can simply give your Android device the S3 look by installing this GO launcher theme. The theme has S3 style icons for all major default applications like mail, YouTube, Twitter, and others. Note that since this is not a standalone theme, you need to install GO launcher or GO launcher EX first to use it.

Stock Galaxy S3 ROM

If you’re brave enough, you can simply install the Galaxy S3 ROM on your phone. The ROM will give you a complete S3 experience on your phone, even if it’s Nexus S or a Galaxy S2. That said, it’s not worth the effort to install the ROM on your old phone. One reason is that you might end up bricking your smartphone, and the second reason being that it will not run as smoothly on your old device.

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