Best Task Management Apps And Extensions for Google Chrome

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The web browser has always had a kind of a bad reputation when it comes to productivity. Many people perceive the browser as a giant black hole of endless distractions. That, however, isn't true. Agreed that the web is full of distracting websites, there are also a lot of productivity-enhancing tools that you won't find anywhere else but on the Internet. Out of many such tools, task managers, or to-do lists are considered to be the best of the lot. Helping you check things of a list is one of the best ways to start getting productive. On Google Chrome too, you'll find plenty of good task management apps and extensions that will help you get things done. We've picked out the very best ones for you in this article: is an impressive task management application that lets you manage your tasks online. With a clean-white user interface, this free application allows you to create lists from anywhere. You can group tasks into projects and also move the tasks from one project to another using simple drag and drop. By default, you get starter projects like Home, Work, Study, Personal, and a Shopping list. You can add as many projects as you want. There are other features like notes that require you to purchase a Pro account. 


Todo-inator is a free, offline web app for your Chrome browser that lets you create and manage tasks. With a dead-simple user interface, this application only allows you to create and check tasks of a simple list. Great app if you're looking for something simple that works offline too. is quite popular on the Android platform. This free task-management application has plenty of amazing features on its mobile version. Needless to say, the browser version doesn't disappoint at all. Firstly, the app syncs perfectly with your to-do lists on your mobile. Then, you can add more tasks to your lists by simply clicking the blue icon on your Chrome toolbar. Another great feature in this extension is that it integrates perfectly with Gmail thus letting you add an email as a task.

Fancy TODO

Fancy TODO is a nice-looking task management extension for Chrome. Once installed, you can add tasks to your to-do list from any web page you want. Moreover, you can filter the list according to the day, that is: today, tomorrow, and this week. If you browse the web a lot, you can also save web pages as tasks so that you won't forget to read them later. 

One of the best features of this extension is that it works without any registration. Which means that once you install the extension, you'll be able to use it without creating an account. 


If you're a user of the popular task management application Todoist, then this extension will be useful to you. The extension, which lets you access your Todoist tasks, also lets you create new tasks right from the Chrome toolbar. Furthermore, you can drag and drop a task from one project to another, delete tasks, and mark them as done from any web page. Another cool feature this extension offers is that of letting you add web pages as tasks. Also, if you are a mail junkie then you can use this extension to add your mails as tasks on Gmail.

Things To Do

One of the reasons we fail to complete our tasks is because we are not constantly motivated. Things To Do tries to fix that by keeping your to-do list right in front of your eyes. This simple extension, once installed, shows your tasks list every time you open a new page. This makes it difficult for web junkies to lose focus of their daily tasks. 

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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