5 Best Turn-based Strategy Games for Android

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Turn-based strategy games have always been popular amongst hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. One of the reasons for that is these games give the player a realistic feeling of a battle or a conquest. Also, they remind users of many old-school games like chess, monopoly etc. No wonder big franchises like Sid Meier’s Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic have amassed huge success thanks to their popularity. On Windows, and on many other platforms too, there is a dearth of good titles in this genre. Likewise, if you see on Linux, there are only a handful of good titles, the best of which we’ve listed in our earlier article (see: 5 Best Free/Open-source Turn-based Strategy Games for Linux).

On Android, however, there are a lot of great turn-based strategy games available for download and purchase. These games give you a realistic turn-by-turn gameplay experience making you really rack your brains for your next strategy. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best turn-based strategy games for Android.

Landrule Strategy of War

Landrule is a multi-player turn-based strategy game for Android. Inspired by Age of Conquest and Risk, this free game challenges you to battle against thousands of other players online. Of course, you can play single player too, but the real fun of this game is when played with a human opponent. Also, in case you don’t have an Internet connection, you can play the game with your friend using the pass-and-play mode. This mode lets you make a move, and then makes you pass the device to your friend so he and she can make their move.


Rebuild is a game set in a time of a zombie apocalypse wherein you have to defend your fort against undead zombies. You take over one building at a time making sure that the survivors are continuously bringing a supply of food, building houses, and, of course, killing zombies. What’s more, you get to battle against rival gangs, thieves, and even get involved in riots.

The game has 5 levels of difficulty making it accessible to hardcore gamers and novices alike. Also, there are 7 different endings to discover in the game making it very re-playable. To ensure that the game stays fresh and unique, you are put in randomly generated cities every time you play.

Age of Conquest World

Age of Conquest is a cross-platform turn-based strategy game. Once installed, you can fulfill your long-standing dream of world domination by playing this Risk-like adventure. The graphics are okay; however, the gameplay is something that you’ll look forward to.

UniWar HD

UniWar HD is a popular online multi-player strategy game. This turn-based adventure lets players build their armies and fight against each other by using their army and taking advantage of the terrain. The game is quite similar to chess or checkers and requires you to rack your brain.

There are 3 races, about 3000 and more maps, and you can play up to 20 games at once. There is also a campaign mode with 21 challenging missions. For achievement fanatics, there is a dedicated game ladder that lets you measure your skills against other players.

Devil's Attorney

Devil’s Attorney is a light turn-based strategy game set in the 80's where you play as Max McMann, a charming yet unscrupulous defense attorney. Your objective in the game is to free all your clients and use their money to buy luxuries for yourself. The more you swindle your clients and the more you purchase, the more your ego grows. This ego growth lets you unlock many courtroom skills progressing you further into the game. Though not free, the game is a great entertaining title for every casual gamer.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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